Blazer: Banana Republic (40% off!) Earrings: BaubleBar Jeans: JCREW Sweater: Asos Booties: (sold out) Similar: Rag and Bone Bag: Chanel Belt: Gucci

Photography by Shadi Garman

Hi Everyone! Wow it has been QUITE a stressful few days. This past weekend I was SO excited to head to NJ to celebrate my nephew’s fourth birthday but by the time we arrived, I started to feel incredibly queasy. It got progressively worse throughout the day until I literally could keep NOTHING down! Not even water! It was so terrible! I started to feel a little better Sunday night, but then Monday morning Charlee woke up with gunk in her eyes. I took her to the Dr. and it was Conjunctivitis. Today, I am finally feeling better and Charlee’s eyes are looking better than ever but oh my goodness it was a crazy start to this week! I was planning on getting this outfit posted Monday but the universe had other plans ;)!

Anyways! How cool is this blazer?! I have been seeing a lot of people rock oversized plaid blazers and wanted to get in on the trend. I just couldn’t find one that I really loved until I found this one! It’s super lightweight and can be worn as a blazer during the winter under a coat or in the spring as a light jacket. I decided to pair it with my new favorite Gucci belt, a bright sweater and statement earrings. I was FREEZING shooting this by the way! Oh well, I’ll do anything for the LEWK ;)!




Photography by Shadi Garman

Coat: Genuine People Jeans: Asos Sweater: H&M Boots: Stuart Weitzman Belt: Gucci Purse: Celine Dion

Hi Everyone! I am SO over this winter. Everyone is sick, the cold won’t let up and all I can wear is multiple layers! Anyone else over it?! At least we can get creative with layering our outfits, right? Countdown to summer has begun!

While we continue to count down, I want to share this gorgeous Genuine People coat I got for Christmas. I was so excited about this color and the best news is that it’s currently on sale! It runs oversized but I ordered a Medium so that I could wear chunky sweaters underneath. I paired it with my new favorite Gucci belt and Stuart Weitzman OTK boots. Both classic pieces I had been lusting after for a while now. You will be seeing a lot of these pieces re-worked in different ways on the blog! I’m excited to style them!

So, I wanted to share with you all that I am no longer working full time! I’m not sure how long this will last…I’m thinking I will most likely go back to work. That said, I am really looking to find the perfect fit of a job. Something I am super passionate about and a position that I feel 100% comfortable leaving my baby for all day. Ya know!? I had been struggling with working and having a sick baby (daycare is so tough on baby’s immune system) and it feels good to know i’ll be able to be there for my baby without feeling pulled in other directions. I’m super excited about what is in store and I wanted to keep you all up to date with what’s going on in my life. There will be a lot more blog posts coming at cha which I am super excited about. I look forward to having the time to put towards this blog! I really love this little community I’ve started and your support means so much to me!





Photography by Shadi Garman

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I recently did a poll on Instagram asking my followers if they would want me to put together a sleep training post. The results came in at 98% yes, so here it is! I would like to preface this post by saying I am in no way a sleep training expert. These tactics and methods worked for me and my baby. Every baby is different and there is no right way to sleep train!

Ok, now that that is out of the way, on to sleep training! When I first had Charlee, I was up every 2-3 hours. This is normal and common for newborns and sleep training wasn’t on my mind. I was just trying to survive on no sleep and knew that she was too little to be trained anyways. Babies need to eat every 2-3 hours at that age. It wasn’t until 8 weeks that I started the training, so if you are a new mom just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but the first two months are tough! Once Charlee hit 8 weeks, I started using the book “The Baby Sleep Solution” by Suzy Giordano as my guide. I highly recommend this book. Suzy is a mother and understands that as a new mom you have limited time. She made this book an easy to read (it only takes 2 hours) straight forward situational guide to get your baby to sleep through the night.

Before I get into what I took away from the book, I wanted to preface that I did not breastfeed Charlee. I was unable to, due to my anatomy (flat nipples!) and instead I exclusively pumped and gave Charlee a bottle for her feedings. This was very helpful because I knew exactly how much she was eating and how many times per day. Please just keep that in mind. I know that this method works for breastfeeding Moms too, but it may be a bit challenging when trying to eliminate the middle of the night feeding (more on that later).

Ok, anyways! The Baby Sleep Solution offers a sleep training guide based on a “light cry-it-out method.” There are a few other sleep training methods where you make your baby cry until they basically pass out from exhaustion. That didn’t sit right with me (even though I have heard it’s extremely effective…no judgment), so the idea that I could sleep train my daughter without making her too upset really appealed to me.

One of the first things Suzy recommends you do before you start sleep training is to make sure you extend the feedings to every four hours and that your baby is getting a minimum of 24 ounces a day. Now, I have to be honest and tell you all that I was NEVER able to get Charlee to eat every 4 hours. Still to this day she eats every 3 hours.  She just didn’t want to wait that long! Can you blame her?! Ha! I was still able to get Charlee to sleep through the night eating every 2.5-3 hours which is great. I think the point is to offer your baby structure so that they become accustomed to a routine. Routine is SUPER important for babies and essential to getting your baby to sleep through the night.

I wanted to talk a little about how I extended Charlee’s feeding schedule before I go into the sleep training, because this was very challenging. I hadn’t read a sleep training book before I had her so I honestly was just feeding her on demand. This is important to do during the first month, but after that if you continue to feed on demand, your baby starts to learn to snack. Instead of allowing her to get hungry and then full after a bottle, I was giving her a bottle of a few ounces every time she would start to fuss. Suzy talks a lot about how to get your baby to extend their feedings and the main thing is to distract them! I would bring out a new toy, move her from her rock and play to her play mat, and do whatever I could to distract her to buy more time. It was a slow process and I would get 15 minutes more each time by doing this but eventually we got into a new routine of eating every 3 hours.

During the time I was trying to get Charlee on a feeding schedule, we were also introducing a bedtime routine. Our bedtime routine looks like this: bath time, massage, bottle, playtime (most of the time for 10 minutes) then in bed by 7P.M. Doing the same routine every night helped Charlee recognize that these events signaled bedtime. We started with this routine and then began putting her in her crib at 7:00 P.M. for bed. I would swaddle her, give her a pacifier, sing a lullaby and then put her in her crib AWAKE. Then I’d say goodnight, turn off her light and leave the room. This is crucial. I used to wait until Charlee passed out on me and then I would creep to the crib and try to transfer her. This was NOT effective. The key is for babies to see you when you put them in their crib and put them to bed. In the beginning, she was a little confused and would fuss for a bit. That’s where the “light cry-it-out method” came into play. If she would start to get fussy, I would give myself a timeline of 3-5 minutes depending on the severity of her cry. Now, keep in mind that I would only go in if she CONSISTENTLY cried for 3-5 minutes. If she stopped for a period of time, then the clock started over again. Eventually (usually within 10 minutes) she would fall asleep. It really wasn’t that bad and I never felt like I was torturing her. I knew she had just eaten and didn’t need food and was just having a hard time putting herself to sleep. I think it’s important to recognize that sleep is incredibly important for babies. It’s of course important for you as a parent to be well rested, but babies need sleep even more. They grow when they sleep!

I used this method every night from 8 weeks to 13 weeks when she finally slept through the night. Each baby will transition into a full night’s sleep differently, but for us Charlee was very good at leading the way. At the beginning of the sleep training, Charlee was waking twice in the night. Once around 1 A.M and then again at 4 or 5 A.M. In the beginning I knew she needed to eat so I would just give her around 2 ounces in a bottle (this is where it can be a little tougher when breastfeeding since you don’t know exactly how much you are feeding them). Before I fed her, I would make sure to check her diaper first in case it needed changing. I felt that if I waited to change her after she ate in the middle of the night it would stimulate her too much. After she would finish her bottle, I’d swaddle her and place her back in her crib. If she fussed at all I would go back to my light cry-it-out method. Most of the time she would go right back down after fussing just a little, but on the nights she challenged me I just never gave up. I would keep going back in after the 3-5 minutes and she would eventually go to sleep. I think being a little tough on her and not giving in really helped her become an independent sleeper. Over the next few weeks (from 8-10) Charlee naturally dropped one of her feedings and was only waking once to eat. Then a few weeks after that she naturally dropped her second feeding and was able to go through the night without eating. This happened around 11 weeks. It’s important to note that at this time she still woke up once in the night, but instead of giving her a bottle, I would let her cry a little in case she fell back asleep. If she didn’t fall back asleep in 3-5 minutes, I would go in her room, rub her belly and give her the pacifier. What she learned was that no matter what, she was in her crib from 7-7. I never picked her up, even when she fussed. She learned that sleep happened between 7:00P.M and 7:00A.M. She also knew that Mommy loved her and was there for her but she was strong enough to fall asleep and stay asleep on her own. Now, she is an INCREDIBLE sleeper and incredibly independent. Sometimes I try and sneak her into our bed for naps on the weekends but it’s never as lovely as it sounds. She is just a better sleeper on her own which makes me very proud.

I do want to mention that it’s important to remember that her sleep schedule isn’t always perfect and rules can be broken. Charlee has gotten sick a number of times since she is a daycare baby. When she is sick and having a tough time staying asleep I will of course pick her up and help make my baby feel better. We also went through a week of a sleep regression (at 4 months) when she was waking up again in the night. I never fed her, and worked overtime using the “light cry-it-out method” and she got back on track after a week. It was exhasting but we made it through. Another challenge for us has been days that Charlee doesn’t nap as well at daycare. This actually happened last Friday! She was so overtired that I ended up putting her to bed at 6:30 and she passed right out. She is used to a 12 hour night though, so she woke up at 6:30. Instead of running to pick her up when she woke up, I let her chill in her crib gabbing to herself and she fell back asleep after 5 minutes until 7:15. She never cries when she wakes up early because she knows she stays in her crib from 7-7 no matter what!

OK! I feel like that was the longest post ever so let me break it down into the major takeaways of sleep training that I find valuable:


2. Feeding schedule

2. Put your baby to bed AWAKE

3. Baby does not leave the crib from 7-7 (or whatever 12 hour period you choose…6-6, 8-8 etc.)

I hope you guys found this helpful and clear. If you have ANY questions please reach out to me. I’d love to help! Sleep is so important for parents and baby!




BABY’S FIRST SEAT- Little Tikes vs. Bumbo


Photography by Shadi Garman

Little Tikes My First Seat: SHOP HERE c/o

Hi Everyone!! Happy Holidays!! I can’t believe we have less than a week until Christmas!! This year has flown by and I keep trying to catch up. Matt and I decided not to get Charlee a ton of gifts this year because she just wont remember them. HA! Just kidding!! We said that, and have since bought her close to 5 different presents ;)! One of the gifts we left for her under the tree is the Little Tikes My First Seat. Charlee has recently started to sit comfortably in our laps and we knew it was time to try out one of these seats. I had previously purchased the Bumbo seat and it is a great first baby seat. That said, Charlee’s little chunky thighs are already tough to squeeze into the little openings. I also find that the Bumbo straps are too short and get stuck under her leg. Saying all that, the My First Seat is much wider on the base and the leg openings are perfect for her growing chunky thighs! I feel like she will be able to use this seat for much longer.

I know Charlee won’t remember her first Christmas, but Matt and I are just so excited to celebrate. It’s such a magical time of year and I can’t wait to make memories with my little girl. Wishing you all a happy Holiday!




Photography by Shadi Garman

On Me: Coat: Club Monaco Top: Nordstrom Heels: INC Brand Gloves: LOFT Earrings: Sold out, similar: H&M

On Charlee: Jacket: H&M Hat: H&M Booties: Gymboree

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all have had a fabulous week so far. The other day, I took Charlee along with me to take some outfit photos for the blog! She slept while we were shooting and then woke up at the end just in time to take a few pics with Mommy! She is a dream!

I don’t know about any of you other Mommas out there, but after having Charlee I am a lot broader than I was before. Most of my coats are a little tight on the shoulders and aren’t as comfortable as I remember them being! I think it may be because I have been carrying Charlee around for the last four months and bulking up ha! But either way I am embracing it and using it as an excuse to buy new winter coats! I picked up this gorgeous millennial pink coat at Club Monaco during their Black Friday sale! It’s actually still on sale for $349 and available in all sizes. I love the color and love how neutral it is. I have worn it with so many outfits even though it’s pink! I paired it with denim and my INC heels. I have very wide feet and this brand makes really chic styles that come in wide sizing. Super rare!

What are your plans for the Holidays? We are spending time with family for Christmas and the weekend before are going to do a little family celebration at our NYC apartment. I am so excited to start our own family traditions. My Mom always went so crazy (in a good way) during the holidays that my siblings and I would count down to Christmas. She bought such wonderful gifts and cooked marvelous food and did really special thoughtful traditions. There are so many parts of our holiday that I want to continue to celebrate with my family but also can’t wait to start some traditions of my own!

It’s such a special time of year, and even though Charlee is only four months old, I can tell she is already in the Xmas spirit. She loves to look at the lights on the Christmas tree :).

I know I have been less active on the blog recently so I thought I’d share 11 random things below with you guys to share a little bit of what’s been on my mind lately:

  1. Charlee just started sleeping with one of her arms out of her swaddle. We knew it was time to transition her when we went in to get her one morning and she was on her side! We tried it for the first time last night and she slept like a champ! We were so proud. She has been sleeping 7A.M-7P.M. since 13 weeks. I started sleep training her at 8 weeks using the Baby Sleep Solution method. I can’t recommend it enough!
  2. I am addicted to Netflix. I think Matt and I have watched pretty much every new series that has come out! If you ever watch a show or documentary you like, please share!
  3. Have you guys listened to the Michael Bublé Christmas album?? I think it may be my second favorite Xmas album. It comes second after Celine’s of course ;).
  4. Daycare is getting better! If you follow me on Instagram you know that it was REALLY tough leaving Charlee at daycare for the first few weeks. She got super sick and we ended up in the hospital after only 7 days. She has gotten so much better since then and actually seems to like going which makes it easier leaving her there in the mornings when I head to work. I don’t think it will ever be easy, but I’ll take easier any day!
  5. I am obsessed with an app called Marco Polo. I have Mackenzie Bell to thank for this! It’s kind of like snapchat, but all the videos save and you can have group video chats. I talk to my best girlfriends EVERY day and it is so fun and has brought us all even closer! You should check it out!
  6. I am taking Charlee on a flight by myself in January!! Matt and I will have taken her on a few flights together by the time I take her but I am nervous to go alone. If you guys have any tips on traveling alone with baby let me know!
  7. I NEED to start on Charlee’s baby book. I feel like there are two types of Moms…the ones that do the baby books and those that can never find the time! Do you guys have a website you recommend to make this easy? HELP!
  8. I am DONE with Xmas shopping. I can’t believe it but I am! I think being a Mom I have had to take full advantage of every single free moment. Also, having the Nordstrom app on my iPhone was SUPER helpful 😉
  9. I can’t believe I have a 4 month old. I know everyone tells you how fast time flies with kids and it’s just so true. Charlee is like a completely new baby every other week! Her personality has started to shine through as she gets bigger! She’s capable of so much more each week. It blows my mind.
  10. I LOVE DATE NIGHT. Matt and I have been really good about taking a night to be just us every week since Charlee was born. We try out a new restaurant and have a few hours just us. I look forward to it every week.
  11. I LOVE BEING A MOM! I know it’s so cliche but I just love it. Being a Mom is the hardest but most rewarding thing ever. When my baby girl smiles up at me I just melt. There is truly nothing better!

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday!




Photography by Shadi Garman

Jacket: Blank NYC  Heels: INC Brand Pants: Nordstrom Sweater: Leith Scarf: Vintage, similar here Sunglasses: Purse: Gucci

Hi Everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY! I seriously could not be happier that Friday has arrived. If you have been following me on Instagram, then you know Charlee has been super sick and we had to admit her to the hospital on Sunday night. She got a terrible cold (RSV) and her oxygen levels went down. She is thankfully doing better but she is still dealing with a nasty cough, poor thing. Anyways, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. There is nothing worse than a sick baby! It makes you feel so helpless :(.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I am feeling low I try and dress up to deter myself from thinking about the hard times. It seriously works! I love a chunky knit sweater and am obsessed with all the new styles that have come out recently. Nothing better than a cozy sweater during the holidays! It’s also pretty great that it’s the winter time and I can pile on the layers while I continue to try and lose the baby weight! The struggle is real! One thing that is kind of nuts is that my feet are bigger now! I am officially an 8.5 Wide haha! Not sure if any of you have wide feet, but the selection of wide fitting shoes is slim to none and a lot of the styles look like crap! That said, I was SO excited when I found these gorgeous D’orsay heels by INC brand. A lot of their styles come in wide sizing and they are super stylish and comfortable! I also got these black heels that I wore to one of my best friend’s wedding.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!




Blouse: Romwe

Photography by Shadi Garman

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is off to a good start. I have been a Mom for three months now. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. These last three months have been the most incredible of my life, and I have learned more about myself and what it truly means to be a parent than I ever imagined! A friend of mine recently told me that being a Mom is like watching your heart walk around outside of your chest. That really resonated with me as it’s exactly how I feel. Charlee is my world and the love I have for her is unparalleled.

At the start of Charlee’s life, Matt and I were honestly clueless about how to care for a newborn baby and depended on family and friends for guidance. I think all new parents go through a major learning curve. No matter how much you prepare for becoming a parent, (we took all the classes you can think of) you really have to sort of learn as you go to some degree. We were truly so lucky with the community of people that came over to help, checked in, or simply offered their advice! Also a huge shout out to my Mom who came to stay with us for a week! We can’t thank you enough!!

 Matt and I were so lucky to have my Mom come stay with us when Charlee was just three weeks old, but that left us with two weeks just us so we could become familiar with our new little family. This was super exciting but also very scary. During this time, one of the best things we did was hire our amazing doula, Kathy, from Doulacare Postpartum Service to teach and assist us in caring for our newborn baby girl.

So, you may be asking…WHAT is a doula?! I asked google the same thing! I always thought a Doula was a person that assisted you during birth and to be frank, were a little hippy dippy!! I knew I didn’t want anyone in the room except for Matt during delivery so I never considered a doula thinking that was what they did. That is until I found out what a doula really was! There are a few types of doulas: birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and antepartum doulas. A birth doula provides assistance to the mother before and during labor and childbirth; a postpartum doula provides assistance to new parents after their baby is born (though some doulas offer both services). Antepartum doulas help women who are having high-risk or difficult pregnancies — such as those on bed rest. After doing this research, we felt that a postpartum doula would be super helpful for us.

Matt and I started doing research and came across Doulacare Postpartum Service. I reached out to Ruth, the owner, and she set up a few interviews for us. Matt and I met with two different women who were both equally knowledgable in the art of doulacare. It was a chance for us to feel out who we felt would be the best fit for our family. Once we decided to work with Kathy, she communicated with us over email and text to schedule her first visit. The first day bringing home Charlee from the hospital was super stressful and honestly TERRIFYING! Luckily, Kathy met us at our apartment and helped with EVERYTHING. It was sort of a circus show to be honest! Matt and I were both super stressed out and exhausted and she stayed calm and eased our minds. She helped me set up the changing table, watched Charlee so I could take my first shower, helped me organize my nursing clothing and I was even able to take a nap! She is also a trained breastfeeding consultant so she helped me with that as well. Any and every question had an answer. Over the next 6 weeks, even when she wasn’t physically with us at our apartment, she would answer our frantic questions via text. She was so patient and kind and made being new parents easier.

The best thing about Kathy was that she really set us up for success. She taught us so much of what we needed to learn and gave us the confidence as parents to move on and tackle being a Mommy and Daddy without her.

If you are considering using a doula or are curious about what they do exactly, I hoped this blog post was helpful in answering some of your questions! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!




Photography by Shadi Garman

Sweater: Line and Dot Skirt: Armani Jeans Flats: Steve Madden Purse: Celine Dion Hat: DSW

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Matt and I went to the wedding of two of our dear friends on Saturday night and it was so much fun. We got to get all dolled up which doesn’t happen much these days being home with our little lady!

I have taken a few months off from the blog and I am super excited to be back posting content. I have really missed blogging but I am so happy I took some time to just enjoy being with my little girl. I have cherished this time and can’t believe how fast time has gone! Charlee will be 11 weeks tomorrow! NUTS!

Anyways, on to this outfit :)! We have finally entered my favorite season, FALL! I love layering, sweaters, boots, scarves, hats! Fall is the best! I found this adorable knit sweater skirt and wanted to build a look all around it. I love the idea of a cropped sweater paired with a high waist skirt. I think it’s super flattering. I also have to be sure to shout out my amazing Celine Dion handbag! Did you guys know Celine came out with her own handbag line!? Well I of course had to have one!

I am excited to continue sharing more looks and posts on motherhood. Thanks for your support and for being patient with me! I love my followers!



Wrap: Solly Baby Wrap (OBSESSED WITH THIS WRAP)  Stroller: Bugaboo Sweater: H&M Sunglasses: Found at a street vendor! Similar here

Photography by Shadi Garman

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by. As of today, Charlee is 6 weeks old!! Since my sweet girl joined our family a lot has changed. My days revolve around Charlee and as hard and challenging as being a Mom is, I absolutely LOVE it! I know everyone says this, but I honestly can’t imagine my life without Charlee and feel so lucky to be her Momma. It’s really nuts how much babies change by the day. Charlee is already out of her newborn clothing and into 3-month! She is a tall little lady! I also swear she looks like a different baby on the daily. I just ordered our newborn announcements and I swear she looks totally different now than she did then.

I think we have finally turned a corner in regards to Charlee’s sleep. She wakes up every 3-4 hours and is down from 10 P.M-10 A.M. waking up twice in between. Last night she actually slept for a five hour stretch! I couldn’t believe it! Sleep is so necessary and it’s really insane how well I am doing on so little sleep. It’s weird, but you just sort of function. I have to say I was worried about lack of sleep because I am such a sleeper, but it’s going well. Matt has been such a support and takes Charlee from 9-11:30 every night so I can make sure to get that sleep. He is amazing!

These pictures are from the other day when I took Charlee out for our daily walk. It really helps with my sanity. Getting that bit of exercise and fresh air is so necessary. I LOVE living in NYC because it is so easy to have a newborn here. I live across the street from the grocery store and the pharmacy making last minute diaper runs a breeze!

The three of us just got back from the Jersey Shore for our first family vacation. It was so much fun and actually a lot easier than I thought it would be traveling with a newborn. I’m thinking of writing a post about that, would you guys be interested?

Anyways, I know this is a really random post haha but I wanted to give you all a quick update. I know I haven’t been posting as often, so please bare with me! I am trying to give myself some time off with my sweet girl!




Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited to share Charlee Q’s nursery with you all. I have had so much fun decorating and preparing this little oasis for my sweet girl. When designing her room, I really wanted the space to look like a baby’s room but to not be too cutesy. I wanted the pieces I purchased to transition into a toddler’s room as well as into an adult guest room. I wanted it to be elegant and warm and cozy all at the same time.

I had so much fun with this project and I challenged myself with my budget. With a little creativity and patience, I was able to find fantastic decorative accents at a reasonable price. I took my time putting together the nursery and didn’t have to spend too much! I even got a little crafty with a few DIY’s that I’ll share!

The focal point of the baby’s nursery is of course this beautiful crib! I wanted to purchase a crib that would grow with Charlee and become a toddler bed. This crib is incredible because not only does it become a toddler bed, but you can also purchase rails to make it into a full size bed as well! You really get your money’s worth!

This medallion pink rug is another item in the nursery that I absolutely love. Matt actually found it online at Overstock.com. It’s currently on sale for only $270! I really don’t know why it is so inexpensive. I would have thought this rug is super pricey based on the look and quality of it!

Charlee loves her crib and sleeps in it overnight and for naps during the day. When she isn’t sleeping in the crib, I have these beautiful accent pillows on top of the mattress. They are both from H&M. I love the pink jacquard print and floral pillow (other colors available here). The best part is how inexpensive they are. Both are under $20!

As for the crib sheets, I love the Burt’s Bees baby line. I have a few of their light pink striped crib sheets. The fabric is a super soft cotton and Charlee seems to really love how cozy it is. They are also a steal at only $17.99!

One of my favorite parts of Charlee’s nursery are these adorable bunny prints I found on Etsy. I had them printed at Staples for less than $15 and purchased pre-matted frames from Michael’s! The entire project cost me less than $80 for both framed prints. Super cute!

This recliner is amazing!! It’s such a soft creamy leather and is super comfortable as it has a great high back and comfy seat. It reclines and rocks which is perfect for the middle of the night snuggle sessions I have on the daily with Charlee. I decorated the chair with another H&M pink pillow, and adorable Jellycat bunny ! The “Q” was a gift from my sweet Sister in Law which I can’t find online, but I absolutely adore it!

The colors of the nursery are light grey, pink, and cream with gold accents. I thought a gold side table would be absolutely perfect. I found this awesome gold mirrored side table side table on Overtock.com for only $66. I also purchased this faux flower arrangement on Overstock as well. That site really has everything you need!

I am super sentimental so this Artifact Uprising Memory box was such a perfect gift for us. Our dear friends sent this to us and I have kept all of Charlee’s little mamentos in it so far. I absolutely love it!

We took this photo in this exact spot! You can purchase this easle from Michael’s.

I found this mirror on target.com for under $50. It works perfectly above Charlee’s bookcase.

I struggled with what bookcase I should get for this space. I debated between getting a tall skinny bookcase, but decided to break up this small wall instead with a short bookcase and mirror above it. I didn’t want to disrupt the space with a tall piece when everything in her nursery was around waist height. I purchased this Ikea Bookcase for $100. The wire basket  is from H&M and the pineapple lamp base and polka dot shade are from World Market.

How cute is this Ottoman?? I found it on Allmodern.com for only $179! I also love the pineapple pillowcase. I am still looking for a frame to go over the ottoman. I plan to blow up a large print of Charlee and get it framed!

This adorable Pom Pom Basket was a gift from a dear friend. I keep all of Charlee’s hats and bows in it. She has yet to wear any of them since she absolutely hates having anything on her head haha!

This dresser and changing station are a set with the crib but are sold separately. I love this dresser and can use it in a guest room when Charlee grows older. The painted mural above the changing station was a gift to me from my Mother for my bridal shower. It was hand painted by a friend of hers and is a quote from one of my favorite Celine Dion songs. I had to get a Celine reference in her nursery somehow, right?! 😉

Photography by Shadi Garman

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look into Charlee’s nursery! It was such a joy creating this space for her and a true labor of love.

See below for all items featured in this post:

Crib: Smartstuff #Myroom Convertible Crib  **Toddler Convertible Rails for crib available here

Medallion pink rug

Dresser: Smartstuff #Myroom Dresser

Changing Station: Smartstuff #Myroom Changing Station

Pillows: pink jacquard print, floral pillow (other colors available here).

Burts Bees Baby crib sheets

Etsy Bunny Prints

Palliser recliner, H&M pink pillow, and Jellycat bunny

Gold side tablefaux flower arrangementArtifact Uprising Memory box 

Target mirror 

Ikea Bookcase 

H&M wire basket  

Pineapple lamp base and polka dot shade

Gold and grey Ottoman and pineapple pillowcase

Maisonette Pom Pom Basket

Dresser and changing station