All Things Motherhood!

Photography by Shadi Garman

This picture makes me laugh so hard. This is truly an image that encapsulates the experience and whirlwind of being a Mom. You’re so deliriously happy, but also surrounded by toys that you constantly step on, your hair is in a messy bun and hasn’t been washed in too many days, and you’re exhausted. You guys, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Mom, but why does no one tell you how crazy hard it is?! Maybe people DID tell me how crazy motherhood is, I just couldn’t begin to comprehend how crazy since I was so used to being only concerned with myself!? Anyways, I wouldn’t change my life with my delicious girl for anything, but I want to be real and share some of my funny Motherhood thoughts and feelings in one place. This will be sort of a mish-mosh of thoughts so bare with me. I hope you all enjoy!

  1. Being a Mom is HARD. Yea, yea…you are all rolling your eyes. I mean, I knew it was going to be hard before I had my daughter, but I had no capacity of understanding JUST how hard. Being a Mom is hard physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Becoming a parent rocks you to your core. All of a sudden, after carrying this little baby you can only sort of imagine, it arrives and you are OBSESSED with them. I remember when Charlee was born, the need to care for her was immediate. I felt this overwhelming need to make sure she was OK. I checked to see if she was breathing every other minute, over-changed her diaper because I was scared about diaper rash, and basically decided in one millisecond that everything I did would now revolve around my child. Obviously, the scary terrifying experience of being a new parent has since worn off. It sometimes creeps up but I have done work in therapy to control it. (You can read more about that here) That said, no matter what, the need to care for Charlee and ensure what we do is what’s best for her will last forever!
  2. Balancing it all is impossible. I think the most common conversation I share with my Mom friends is about how to balance it all. What I have found to be the most comforting is when I am able to connect with a Mom who agrees that it’s OK to not have it all together. I feel like I am constantly behind on something. If the laundry is done, the dishes aren’t clean, etc. etc. Something is always sort of falling through the cracks. I have since learned to truly embrace the chaos and it helps! I try to not be so hard on myself.
  3. To work or not to work? Oh man, I struggled with this. I thought for sure I wanted to go back to work full time after having my daughter. Well guess what, I did…and it was SO HARD. I constantly felt like I was falling short in the work department and in the Mom department, and I was just stretched too thin. I now work part-time and I feel like it’s the best situation for me and the family. I think no matter what you have to give up something as a parent. Whether you work full time or not! It’s so hard to make these choices but no matter what choice you make, as long as it is right for your family, it’s the right choice.
  4. Nothing stays nice for very long. That sweater I bought yesterday…it already has an avocado smear stain on the sleeve from Charlee grabbing me. As much as I have had to embrace the chaos, I have also had to embrace the mess! We don’t buy expensive furniture or fancy things that we don’t want anyone touching because guess what, CHARLEE TOUCHES EVERYTHING! I found her dipping her bear in the toilet yesterday when I turned my back for one second. It’s crazy guys!
  5. I will never have enough space. For. everything. This may be a New Yorker thing, but I am always running out of room to house things. I am also the kind of person that needs every thing to have a home or else it doesn’t get put away. I have systems set in place for myself because I am naturally not a neat person. It takes a lot of effort on my part. My home is neat, but it ain’t easy!! Having a child you accumulate so many things. I am also super sentimental and find myself wanting to keep little outfits, shoes, art projects etc. and sadly there just isn’t enough room for it all.
  6. Mom friends are my heroes. Since college, I have had a super tight knit group of girlfriends. They are amazing and supportive and wonderful. Some are from college and some are from my time in NY but they are all amazing. The only thing is that a lot of my close girlfriends aren’t mothers yet. In order to not overwhelm them with baby stuff that they simply don’t understand and probably don’t care to hear about, I developed a separate group of Mom friends. These women and I may or may not have been friends if we had met without the connection of having a child, and some have been friends and found an even closer bond because of motherhood! All of that said, my Mom friends have become my lifeline! Mom friends are there 100% and understand what the crazy looks like because they are living it too. I can go to my Mom friends for advice on what car seat to buy or to just vent about how I smeared poop on my forehead and didn’t realize until 30 minutes later after trying to find where the smell was coming from…not that that happened or anything lol!
  7. I miss my spouse. Don’t get me wrong, I see my husband every day after work and we have date night every weekend. That said, there are moments I really miss him even when we are together! Things naturally become centered around your child and it’s important to take time for each other and be present together.  There are moments I look fondly back on the time when it was just the two of us if I am being perfectly honest. Not that I would change our life for the world! It’s just that the dynamic changed, and it is much more of an effort to be present with only each other. That’s why we try and plan at least a date night a week and a weekend away just us every 6 months. It really helps!
  8. I never knew a love like this-You guys…I love my Charlee so much. It’s honestly impossible to put into words. She is the best part of my every day and the love I feel for her transcends to the stars. I didn’t know just how much I couldn’t live my life without her! How did we not know what we were missing before she came into our family? Becoming parents is amazing and the love you have for these kiddos makes all the insanity worth it. I also love being a family of three. There is nothing more incredible than spending time together.

I hope you guys enjoyed my random thoughts today! I would love to hear some of your thoughts on Motherhood in the comments!



Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Photography by Shadi Garman

*Sponsored by Neutrogena*

Shop the post: Body Balm | Gel Cream | Hand Gel Cream | Robe

Hi Guys! It’s been a while. Thanks for bearing with me on the lack of posts. Matt and I moved into a new apartment the week before Thanksgiving, which in retrospect was an insane idea but now that the move is over and we are settled, I am thrilled!

Being that it is officially winter season, my dreaded dry skin is back. I have very dry skin and I find that when the weather changes and the heaters go on, my skin really suffers. I have tried everything to help combat dry skin during the winter months, and have succumbed to rubbing Aquaphor all over myself when it gets really bad! Ha! That said, I was intrigued when Neutrogena asked me to try out their new Hydro Boost products. I have been using them for about a month now and I love this line! The body whip is especially effective for me and I use it all over my body after every shower. You should be able to purchase their new line of Hydro Boost products at your local pharmacy! Or, be sure to head to for more info!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Make sure to take advantage of those crazy cyber Monday deals!!



Toddler Essentials 12-15 Months


Hi Everyone! Charlee turns 15 months old today! I thought I’d ring in the day with a recap of my must-have items from the last 3 months of her life. First, let me start off by saying the last three months have been some of the most fun but also the hardest days of Charlee’s life so far. This age is TOUGH. During this time, Charlee got her first 4 teeth, found her voice and decided she was going to let us know when she didn’t like something. With these cognitive behavior changes came a lot of adorable things, like new words and gestures and understanding. It also brought on the need for way more patience and coffee from her parents! These items are must-haves for me because they help in wrangling little wiggle worm toddlers through distraction and convenience!

Stroller Snack Tray: I got this last month and it has become a game-changer. Charlee can get a little fussy when she has been in the stroller longer than she wants to be.  Snacks are always a great distraction and I of course always pack snacks when we are on the go, but it is a bit annoying to have to stop and hand her a snack every 5 seconds to distract her. Queue, the stroller snack tray! I can pop a bunch of crackers and snacks in the tray and also place her sippy cup with water or milk there too. She also enjoys putting her sippy cup back into the holder over and over again. I linked the tray for bugaboo strollers, but every stroller company has one made specifically for them.

Nuk Sippy Cups: Speaking of sippy cups, these Nuk sippy cups worked amazingly well for Charlee. Charlee had to transition into the 12-18 month classroom at 12 months but before she could go she had to learn to drink milk from a sippy cup. These Nuk sippy cups made this transition easy. I also love these sippy cups because they DO NOT LEAK. We tried a bunch of brands and this was the only one that didn’t leak milk everywhere.

Halo sleep sack: My sleep sacks from halo brand have been a part of almost each must-have post I have done. They are just a great sleep sack and Charlee loves them. Charlee is currently sleeping in the size large sack. I read that babies can be put down without a sleep sack, but I just feel weird putting Charlee to bed without covers. Who wants to sleep without covers?! I don’t. These sleep sacks are super cozy and keep her comfy and sleeping soundly.

Ipad stand and case: We allow screen time for Charlee. I know a lot of parents try to limit screen time until the age of 2, but that is not what we have done and this works for us. I slowly started introducing Charlee to the show Little Baby Bum on Netflix around 11 or 12 months. It’s a great show that has a medley of nursery rhymes. It’s educational and cute and HAUNTS MY DREAMS haha! I sometimes can’t get the songs out of my head but that is neither here nor there!! At first she wasn’t really into it, but after a while she started to learn all the songs and now loves to watch her show. I let her watch her show in the morning if I need a shower before work (sometimes I shower at night), and then when we are traveling on a plane or in the car, OR if she starts to get antsy when we are out to dinner. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience for both Charlee and her parents! This Ipad stand and case is awesome because it’s made of a foam material. Charlee tends to drop the ipad a lot and this bounces and keeps the ipad from breaking. It can also stand up by itself which is great for when we are at a restaurant and I need to prop it up for her to watch.

Munchkin snack catcher:  These are awesome for toddlers. I bring one or two of these with me every time we leave the house. Charlee enjoys holding on to the handles and the snacks don’t fall out because of the brilliant design! These are also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean!

Skip Hop Baby Plates Set: I bought this set around 12 months when Charlee was officially eating more solids than purees. She loves these plates and actually learned to go “ooh ooh, ah ah” every time she sees the monkey plate coming out of the cupboard :). They are durable and dishwasher safe and work really well for toddler meals.

Skip Hop Toddler Utensils: I really like these utensils for toddlers. Charlee is still working on mastering the art of using her fork and spoon, but I always give her a utensil at every meal even if she just holds it. These are wide enough for her to hold comfortably and I like that they are made of stainless steel like a real fork. Makes it easier for her to get the food on the fork when she does attempt to do so!

Stride Right Shoes: Charlee started walking around 12-13 months. My Mom told me it was important to get Charlee supportive shoes since she was new to walking and needed assistance staying stabilized. I purchased these Stride Right Shoes and they were amazing. They helped Charlee keep her balance and the base of the shoe is wide to assist in her walking as well. I was a little worried about buying a white shoe because I thought it might get dirty. These were great though because the leather was treated so I could just wipe them down with water and a white eraser.

Toy baby Stroller: Charlee is absolitely OBSESSED with this toy baby stroller. I take her to the playground and park almost every day and she will push this thing around for hours if I let her! It is a great distraction and the best part is that it breaks down so you can throw it in your stroller storage bin on your way to the park. For those of you with cars this doesn’t really matter, but for us New Yorkers this is a plus!

Boogie Wipes: these wipes have been another must-have for me as a Mom since Charlee was born. They are so mild on baby’s skin and smell amazing. I buy them in bulk off of Amazon and don’t leave the house without them.

Baby Hair Gel: Matt found this hair gel on Amazon and I was so skeptical. Now I can’t do Charlee’s hair without it. This all-natural hair gel doesn’t get too crusty and it helps with fly aways and to tame Charlee’s adorable curls :)!

Let me know if you guys have any items that were not on my list that I need to know about! I love hearing from other Moms about what works for them! Also, if you want to check out my other must- have posts you can click the links below:

Newborn Essentials

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A Statement Coat!

Coat: Avec Le Filles Jeans: A.G. Sweater: Rebecca Minkoff Shoes: Dr. Scholls  Glasses: Kate Spade

This season is all about the statement coat! From teddy coats to bright colored toppers,  coats and jackets with a personality are huge this season. I knew I needed to get on board and when I saw this fabulous faux fur coat, I scooped it up immediately. I felt like I needed to go a little “extra” with this look if you will so I didn’t stop with just the coat. I added a fun and colorful sweater by Rebecca Minkoff sweater underneath. The final touch was these extremely comfortable Dr. Scholl’s flats. I paired them with socks for a fun twist :). You can shop my other fave coats from this season below:

What is everyone up to this weekend?! Matt and I have a date night planned Saturday and then one of our best friends is running the NYC Marathon on Sunday. I can’t wait to see her kill it and cross that finish line!

I hope you all have a great weekend!



A Fall Look & 10 random thoughts

Hat: Nine West Sweater: Intermix Coat: Blank NYC Jeans: DL1961  Boots: Marc Fisher Bag: Celine Dion

Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by. I wore this casual and cozy look on Monday afternoon when it all of a sudden decided to become WINTER overnight! I was kind of annoyed, but made happier when I had the chance to don this  gorgeous cashmere sweater! It comes with extra long sleeves with thumb holes which weirdly makes me very happy haha!

This week has been a busy one already and I have some random things on my mind I thought I’d share with you guys!

  1. Have you guys tried these Raw Rev bars? I eat one almost every morning during the week for breakfast. They keep me satisfied and full before lunch and have only 3-4 grams of net carbs depending on the flavor.
  2. Last month’s book club book was called What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. I thought I’d share if any of you are looking for a new book to read. I really enjoyed this book and think it may be one of my favorite books we have read as a book club! We are reading The Hate You Give this month and it’s good so far, but tough to stomach at times.
  3. I just discovered these little cookies for babies and Charlee can’t get enough.
  4. I would like to just offer a major shout out to the creators of Little Baby Bum on Netflix. I would never have a moment to do the dishes, let alone go to the bathroom without this show. Charlee is obsessed!
  5. I can’t wait to see the new movie A Star is Born! Matt and I always joke that we are so excited to see a new movie….as soon as it comes out on VIDEO! ;)! We love the movies but the idea of hiring a sitter to go sit in a room to watch a new movie we could watch at home for half the price in a few months, just doesn’t make sense to us. Anyone else feel that way?!
  6. One of my favorite bloggers I really enjoy following is Brooklyn Blonde. I discovered her a few months ago and I love her content. Her little boy is also super adorable!
  7. One of my biggest pet peeves is unloading the dishwasher. I seriously hate it so much haha. I don’t know why but it’s my least favorite thing to do chores-wise. Anyone interested in coming over every morning and unloading my dishwasher?!! 😉
  8. This is so random, but I sleep with ear plugs and an eye mask every night because I am such a light sleeper. I actually became an even lighter sleeper since I had Charlee. I can hear her cry out in the night even with the earplugs, don’t worry!
  9. Charlee will be 15 months in early November and I have to say this toddler stage is TOUGH. Charlee has found her voice and makes it very clear when she isn’t a fan of her current situation, if you know what I mean! I’d love to hear any advice about tantrums for babies at this age.
  10. I just discovered the artist Jess Glynne on Spotify and LOVE her music. It’s great for working out or getting me in a good mood 🙂

Ok! I hope you guys enjoyed the round up of random thoughts. Have a great rest of your week everyone!



Let’s Jess UP and travel to Hudson, NY!

Hi Friends! I am excited to introduce a new series I am introducing on the blog, called #JessUPandtravel. Matt and I love to travel and a request I get a lot from my followers is to recap our trips with recommendations, so hence the start of this series! I hope you all enjoy!

One of my favorite trips we have taken as a family this year has been our recent trip to Hudson, NY. We had the BEST time and I wanted to share a few tips and info about the area in case any of you are inspired to head that way for a vacation!

Before I get started, have you guys seen the Netflix show “Stay Here”?! Well, a month or so ago Matt and I binge watched the whole first season and fell in love with the carriage house they renovated in Hudson, NY! After a quick google search we found the listing and booked it for this weekend. Let me tell you, this place did not disappoint! It was super spacious, beautifully decorated, and the location was perfect. It sits right in the center of town so we didn’t have to worry about driving anywhere. Here is the listing in case you guys want to book it one day!

Our latest trip to Hudson will be the 3rd time in the past two years that Matt and I have visited. We just love it up there. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive north from Manhattan. Check out some details and travel tips about the area below:

Where to stay?

  • Airb&b has a TON of listings in Hudson and the surrounding areas.
  • Bed and Breakfasts: There are a number of charming small bed and breakfasts in the area. Most of them are close to the center of town! We stayed at the Croff House a few years ago and we absolutely loved it. Cozy rooms and delicious meals served by the owner. highly recommend.
  • The Rivertown Lodge-this boutique hotel is new to the area! We haven’t stayed there, but we went to grab drinks this past weekend with Charlee in their lobby and were blown away. We are going to try and stay at this hotel the next time we head to Hudson.

Where to eat?

  • There are so many awesome restaurants to try! Here are some that we recommend:
  • Grocery Stores
    • Olde Hudson-This grocery store is in the middle of town and has all your basics for a weekend away. They have dairy and produce from local farms. Farm to table at its best.
  • Local Farms
    • We decided to stay in on Saturday night and cook dinner. We went to a few local farms to gather ingredients and one of the places we went was the Hawthorn Valley Farm Store. This is an INCREDIBLE grocery store on the grounds of a farm. We got most of our produce and side dishes for dinner here. We also picked up some yummy homemade baked goods.
    • We also stopped at another local farm called Kinderhook for fresh meat. We picked up steaks for dinner as well as sausage for breakfast on Sunday morning. They also had a ton of chickens on the property which Charlee loved chasing :).

What to do?

  • Apple Orchards- We went to Fix Brother’s Farm and had a wonderful time. The apples were among the most delicious I have ever tasted and it was only .15 cents an apple to pick. Charlee actually learned to say “Apple” at the orchard!
  • Wine Tasting: We had no idea how amazing the wine valley was up in Hudson. We went to Hudson-Chatham Winery and we were truly blown away by not only the service but the quality of the wines. Here is a full guide to the wineries in the area.
  • Antique shopping! Hudson has about a million incredible antique shops in the area. There’s at least one on each block!

I hope you all enjoyed this travel guide! Let me know if you make it out to Hudson!

Happy Fall Y’all!!!

A Fall Statement Coat & a Let’s Jess Up Update!

Photography by Zoe Wong

Coat: Something Navy Jeans: A.G. Turtleneck: H&M Sweater:H&M Belt: Club Monaco

Hi Guys! Welcome back to the blog. I am super excited to share this outfit because it’s finally cold enough to pull out this amazing Something Navy statement coat. I bought this back in September when Arielle Charnas of Something Navy released her line at Nordstrom, so it’s been sitting in my closet just waiting to be worn. I find that despite being a statement pattern, it is surprisingly versatile and immediately upgrades a look. I am wearing a size small and find that I still have that oversized look, so I would say it runs true to size. I paired it with this fabulous layering turtleneck that I got at H&M for $20 and an oversized sweater.

In other news…the Let’s JessUP team has expanded! I hired an intern and her name is Zoe! She is fabulous. Here are some fun facts about her:

1. She likes to eat all kinds of food but can’t cook at all
2. She can speak four languages- not all fluently but still ok!
3. She has six closets for her clothes (including two in the guest room)

I am so excited to have her join my team and to see where this will take the Let’s Jess Up brand! Make sure to follow her here!!


The F-factor diet and the cracker that helped me lose 25 lbs!


Photography by Shadi Garman

Top: L’agence Intermix Jeans: Veronica Beard Heels: Gucci Bag: Celine Dion Earrings: Nordstrom Rack

After I had Charlee, I really struggled to lose the extra baby weight I had gained during pregnancy. I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy which was quite a shock to me. For some reason I had this really silly unrealistic idea of how pregnancy would be for me. I was in for a rude awakening! I was SO swollen and heavy by the end of my pregnancy that I could barely sit down, let alone walk. I remember Matt and I went to a movie the week before I gave birth and I was so uncomfortable the entire time that I could barely make it through the movie! HA! After I had the baby, I lost about 30 lbs of weight in the first three weeks. I was so happy to have that relief and remember thinking to myself “oh great! The weight will just fly off.” Unfortunately for me, that was not the case. I plateaued with 30 lbs left over. I wish I could say that I was super comfortable in my body and didn’t worry about the weight I had to lose. I am not going to pretend like that is true. I definitely felt far from my true self during this time. On one hand I felt incredibly confident in my abilities as a Mom and the fact that I had actually given birth was super inspiring and gave me a different view of myself physically. I felt strong and in awe of what I had been able to physically accomplish. With that said, on the other hand I felt far from myself and couldn’t help but analyze my figure. A lot of this negativity had to do with the fact that I had postpartum anxiety. You can read more about my experience with that here.

One day, when Charlee was around 6 months old, something clicked. I decided I needed to make a change. I downloaded the BBG Sweat app in the app store and started working out 3-4 times a week. I saw slow changes in regards to my body but I still wasn’t losing weight. I was toning up, but not losing pounds. I realized that if I wanted to lose the weight I was going to have to diet. I had never dieted before in my life so I had absolutely no idea what to do. I wasn’t knowledgable at all about the science behind weight loss. Luckily, I came across Tanya Zuckerbrot’s instagram around this time. Tanya is the creator of the F-Factor diet. I started following her and learned that the F-factor diet lets you eat carbs and drink wine from day ONE! I was intrigued haha! I bought her book and it all started to make sense. The best thing about Tanya’s book is that she explains the SCIENCE behind weight-loss. I had been making what I thought were “healthy choices.” After reading her book I realized that I may have been eating healthily, but not in a way that was going to activate weight loss. I started step-1 of her program and after 6 weeks had lost 10 lbs! yes, 10 lbs! Since I have been on her plan, I have lost 25 lbs. I am back in my old jeans, and feeling in control of my body and more like myself.

So you may be asking…”ummm isn’t this post supposed to be about a magic cracker?!” Well, I am getting there ;). On day one of the F-factor diet, you can eat carbs. This doesn’t mean that you eat bagels for every meal, but you substitute and make adjustments throughout your day to allow for carbs. You learn about healthy carbs and how fiber is the secret behind weight loss. You see, your body only burns fat for fuel in the absence of carbs. If you don’t have carbs to burn in your system, your body then starts to burn the fat. That’s why athletes will “carb load” the night before a race or game. The next day, their bodies aren’t diluting their energy supply because they have eaten a ton of carbs which their bodies burn first. So, what F-factor teaches you is that you can eat carbs as long as you net them out with fiber. Fiber nets out carbs! It’s amazing! Instead of depriving yourself, you actually focus on what you are going to ADD to your diet. Meaning, if I am going to eat carbs, I go for a carb with a high fiber content so the net carb is less. Which leads me to…GG crackers! GG crackers became my go-to carb. If I went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, I would dip GG crackers into guacamole and skip the chips. If I went out to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant I would top my GG crackers with hummus and babaganoosh and skip the pita. In the mornings, I would put scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese on top of my gg crackers and make a yummy and delicious sandwich and I never felt like I wasn’t able to eat my favorite things. GG crackers have only 4 grams of carbs per cracker, with 2 grams of fiber, which nets out to only 2 grams of carbs. Fiber is the key ingredient to these crackers. Fiber has 0 calories and keeps you feeling full for longer. By swapping normal bread, chips or crackers for GG’s I was able to enjoy my normal foods while still losing weight! I never felt deprived and still don’t! I wish I could tell you all every single thing about the F-factor diet and the amazing science behind weight-loss, but that would take a long time. I just wanted to share how I was able to lose the baby weight and not feel like I was depriving my body.

I am now on step 3 of the F-factor diet. I am no longer actively trying to lose weight but instead maintaining. That said, after learning so much about nutrition and weight loss from the F-Factor diet, I’ll never look at food the same way! Knowledge is power!



Photo by Shadi Garman

Dress: Club Monaco Heels: Sam Edelman Charlee’s Dress: Jacadi Charlee’s Shoes: Amazon

I can’t count how many times I am asked about our life as a family in New York City. Friends, family and followers seem to be curious as to what life as an urban dweller looks like, especially now that we have a baby in the mix. I thought I’d share a peek into our lifestyle in NYC with our baby girl and also why we choose to live here :).

Living in a big city is surprisingly convenient 80% of the time. Everything you need is right outside your door. I take a left out of my apartment building and the grocery store is on the south right corner of the block. I take a right and there is our pharmacy. Buy Buy Baby is an avenue away, and Charlee’s daycare is leased out of the same building as our apartment! These reasons are the main reasons that we not only live in NYC, but why we choose to live on 6th avenue in the Flatiron district. These amenities are really life changing. If I run out of diapers, I pop Charlee into her stroller and run to the pharmacy…and I’m back home in 10 minutes. Living in the city also keeps my family and I super active. We walk EVERYWHERE and don’t own a car. We think of our stroller as our car and we go for long family “adventures” every weekend as we like to call it. There are so many places to explore in the surrounding Burroughs and cities. This summer we spent time in Brooklyn, Rye, the Jersey Shore, and upstate NY which are all about 1-2 hours away by car. I was also super active during my postpartum experience because I COULD be. I didn’t have to strap Charlee into a car seat to drive her to a park to go for a walk. I could literally just walk outside and down the street to the playground in Madison Square Park. The amenities and experiences for Moms and children is amazing in NYC!

Anther fabulous reason to live in NYC, and don’t laugh at me when I say this, is because of Seamless! Seamless is a meal delivery service that partners with local restaurants to deliver meals to you on demand!  I remember when I was pregnant, the idea of going out to dinner or even going out to pick up dinner sounded exhausting ha! So, we really took advantage of Seamless! You can order basically anything you want! It’s amazing!

Matt works for a bank that is only 5 minutes up the street from our apartment. He is home every night between 5:00 and 6:00 P.M. If we didn’t live in the city, he most likely wouldn’t get home until closer to 6:30 or 7, meaning he wouldn’t get to spend as much time with Charlee (she goes to bed at 7.) This is a huge factor for why we decide to live in the city.

Matt and I are also really social and living in NYC makes it easier to keep this part of our lifestyle. We used to go out multiple times a week before baby. We have definitely cut back on how much we go out these days, but because of where we live, going out and on date-nights is actually pretty convenient. We have a few amazing babysitters who have been with us since Charlee was a teeny tiny baby! We go on a date-night at least once a week and love trying new  restaurants and going to new places. Just the other night, we went to a comedy show together as a date-night. It was so fun! I love that these types of experiences are always at our fingertips!

As wonderful as all of this is, NYC does pose a few challenges. It is really expensive! You definitely pay a premium to live here and spend a lot more on rent and living expenses that one would in the suburbs. It’s also very busy and loud which weirdly I have gotten used to and it’s almost like white noise to me now. And, the city isn’t for everyone. I have had family members come visit who say to me ‘I don’t know how you do it?!” when they return home from a weekend visiting us. If you aren’t used to this lifestyle it can definitely feel exhausting! We walk everywhere, are always on the go and to be honest, we prefer it that way! Since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to live in New York. I just had this calling, as silly as that sounds. I feel so lucky to get to call this incredible city home :).

To learn a little more about how I navigate the city with a baby, you should check out this post!


Let’s Jess UP Style Tip: How to extend the life of your summer wardrobe!

Photography by Claire Peterson

Sweater: Intermix Dress: Max Studio Boots: Marc Fischer Purse: Gucci Necklace: Amazon Sunglasses: Celine

Happy Fall everyone! It’s that time of year to pull out sweaters and boots and layer up! I posted a layered look this week in case you missed it. Layering is one of my favorite parts of fall and winter, but another part of the season that I love is the challenge of recycling items in my wardrobe. Just because you purchase a piece of clothing with summer in mind doesn’t mean that you have to put that piece away when the weather changes. I challenge you to think outside the box and transition it into new seasons like I did with this dress:

 I originally bought this dress for summer and wore it multiple times and for a lot of different occasions. To transition it into fall, I added a cropped sweater on top and paired the look with a waist bag to accentuate my middle. Here are a some tips to keep in mind when styling your summer wardrobe for fall:

  1. Add a pair of tights
  2. Add a leather jacket
  3. Skip the sandals and pair your summer dress with suede booties or over the knee boots
  4. Add a duster (I love this one and will def be using it to transition more dresses into the colder months)
  5. Add a chunky cardigan! Remember when adding a chunky knit on top, make sure to accentuate your waist in some way. You don’t want to look sloppy 😉
  6. Take risks! Fashion is all about trying something new and being confident! Share your looks with me if you try this out!!

What do you guys think? Are you inspired to try to continue the life of your summer dresses into the cold weather months?