I just finished a plate of 2 full chicken enchiladas and only ate a total of 10 carbs! How is that possible you may ask?! Well, my Mom makes the most delicious chicken enchiladas in the world (I may be biased) but they aren’t the healthiest. I decided to take a stab at recreating them but making them healthier since I am currently on the F Factor diet! I replaced the flour tortillas (which boast around 24 grams of carbs per tortilla) with Tumaro’s low carb wraps that have only 4 grams of carbs per wrap. I also added mushrooms for more fiber and instead of sour cream I served them with 0% fat greek yogurt. I must say that they are SUPER delicious and totally cured my Mexican food craving without derailing me from my diet. See below for the ingredients and directions! Let me know if you guys make these. I want to hear how they turn out!

Ps: If you don’t want to use a rotisserie chicken, you can use chicken breast and cook on low in a crock pot. Just throw in your chicken breasts, 1/2 can of salsa, 1/4 cup of chicken broth and half a bag of taco seasoning mix (or the whole thing if you like it spicy. Then cook on low or 4-5 hours. I do that sometimes if I have chicken in my fridge!



6-8 tumaro’s low calorie multigrain wraps or any low carb wrap. I also use trader joe’s low carb, high fiber wrap. Any wraps that are under 6 grams of carbs per wrap work!

-1 rotisserie chicken shredded, white meat only

-1 cup of white button mushrooms chopped (optional)

-1/4 of a white onion

-low fat re-fried beans

-½ package of taco seasoning mix (I prefer the Trader Joe’s mix)

-Enchilada sauce (I prefer Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce)

-1/2 cup shredded low-fat Mexican cheese

Toppings (all optional, just what I prefer):

-Chopped romaine lettuce

-Pineapple salsa

-0% fat greek yogurt


-Set oven to 350 degrees

-Pull apart all the white meat off of your rotisserie chicken. Set aside.

-Saute your chopped onions and mushrooms in a large pan. I use ghee to cook mine. Saute your veggies until they become soft (3-4 minutes.)

-Once your veggies are soft, add the pulled apart rotisserie white chicken into the pan. Mix the chicken together with the mushrooms and onions.

-Add half a package of taco seasoning mix to the pan with a splash of water to coat the chicken. Mix all of this together until completely combined. Set aside.

-Take each tortilla and spread a teaspoon of refried beans on the tortilla. Just enough to make a thin layer

-Add the chicken, onion and mushroom mixture into the tortilla and roll each one up, placing them side by side

-Place your tortillas (wrap side down) in a 9×13 baking dish

-Pour and spread the enchilada sauce evenly between the tortillas

-Top your enchiladas with ½ cup of cheese (or less, I like cheese!)

-Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes covered with aluminum foil

-Serve with chopped romaine lettuce, pineapple salsa, and 0% fat greek yogurt (or whatever enchilada toppings you prefer!


Please let me know if any of you guy try this recipe out! It’s definitely going to become a house staple for us!



Photography by Shadi Garman

Top: Not available online. Similar here Purse: Gucci Blazer: Nordstrom Boots: Marc Fisher (on sale!!) Skirt: Frame Denim Glasses: Warby Parker

Hi Friends! I hope you all have had a great week so far. I am  absolutely exhausted. I can’t seem to catch up on sleep. Charlee has been waking up a few times a night. She cries out for a minute and passes back out, but then I’m up after which has been tough. I think she is either having a nightmare or her teeth are bothering her.Then yesterday morning she woke up at 5 A.M. which hasn’t happened since she was a newborn so as you can imagine I am REALLY tired ha! I can’t wait for her top teeth to come down. I see them and they are being stubborn!

Anyways, sorry to rant but I am such a sleep lover so when I am not well rested I get a little crazy haha! Let’s talk about this look! I am so excited that the weather is starting to change so I can get creative with layering. Layering is one of my favorite trends. I think it has gotten super popular over the last few seasons. One of my favorite bloggers Blaire Eadie of Atlantic Pacific is the best at layering. She sometimes wears two coats and manages to make her outfit look effortlessly chic!! I may not be rocking two coats here, but I loved how this look came together. What do you guys think?!

I thought I’d put together a post of random thoughts and links to articles or items I’ve been coveting lately:

  1. Have you guys watched “The Good Place” on Netflix starring Kristen Bell? It’s HILARIOUS! We randomly started watching that last night and are now 4 episodes in. It’s super funny and easy to watch. Speaking of, I also loved Jack Ryan on Amazon and The Sinner is also good on USA.
  2. I have slowly become a podcast loving person and just started “Dr. Death.” It’s super creepy but also SO GOOD. Awesome storytelling of one of the craziest true stories ever. It’s by the same producers of Dirty John which is also a great podcast.
  3. I just ordered a ton of clothes for Charlee from They are having a huge sale right now…although aren’t they always?! I find that they have really great quality and the price is awesome.
  4. I have been really enjoying my Dancebody stream subscription. It is only $34.99 per month to stream classes! I stream the class on my apple TV and do the workouts right in my apartment. I really like the sculpt and express classes the best.
  5. A friend recently introduced me to Girls Night In which is  an email newsletter subsription and blog. Every Friday I get an email from them with a list of their best self-care tips and recommendations for “your night in.” It is super interesting to read and I discover a lot of cool products and offerings from it.
  6. My sister is due with a baby boy in less than 1 month and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!
  7. I just recently discovered these Raw Rev Glo protein bars. They are delicious and have 10g of protein, 12g of fiber and only 9 grams of carbs! To give you some reference of the carb count on these, Luna bars have around 25gof carbs per bar. Crazy right?!
  8. I just got these hair ties with bows on them for Charlee and she keeps them in and doesn’t try to pull the bow off since they are attached to the hair tie
  9. We just booked a weekend away in Hudson for a weekend in October. If you haven’t had a chance to discover upstate NY, you should! It’s so beautiful especially in the fall and winter. I am excited for pumpkin patches, wine tasting and coziness haha!
  10. London Fashion Week is in full force and there are so many fun trends that have arrived. Check out this article to see a recap!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!



Photography by Shadi Garman

Hi Friends! it’s been a while since I have done a baby must-haves post! Well, 3 months actually ha! I have done 2 so far, my newborn essentials  & my 3-6 month essentials. I missed 6-9 eek! It was a very busy time in our lives so I’m going to include some must-haves from those months in this post!

Baby’s First Year Baby Book: I LOVE this baby book! I received it as a gift from my best friend Mackenzie. It does a lot of the work for you in that it’s super interactive and the illustrations are super cute. I love it!

Baby Touch and Feel First Words Book: Charlee got this book from her Aunt Ashlea and I am telling you it is her FAVORITE book. She absolutely loves it and I always have it in my diaper bag to help keep her entertained. She loves to touch all the animals and items in the book and even learned to say “tickle tickle” from a page in the book!

NUK sippy Cup: At 12 weeks, our doctor told us to not only transition Charlee from formula to whole milk, but to also get her off the bottle and start drinking milk out of a sippy cup. We started by transitioning her to milk and it was surprisingly easy! We mixed 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk for a few days and slowly decreased the amount of formula. After a full week she had transitioned! Then the next week we tried the sippy cup and she took to it right away! The Nuk sippy cup worked really well for her.

Oxo-tot Sippy cup: This is another sippy cup that Charlee likes. It is a great way to introduce a straw to your baby!

Native Shoes: These shoes are AWESOME! They are waterproof and made of a rubber material making them super durable. I put these on her when we are heading to the beach or the splash pad or pool! Charlee is currently in a size 4 for reference.

Hair Bows: These are my go-to hair bows for Charlee. They stay put and aren’t too big :). PLUS they are inexpensive!

Kids Ipad cover: I have to be honest and say that Charlee does have some screen time. This only happens if we are traveling or out to dinner and she gets antsy. I do my best to limit screen time but let’s be real, I’m human and sometimes I need some help! We had an iPad that we weren’t using so we bought this

Travel Noise Maker: This is not only the best travel noise maker, but also the best noise maker in general! It gets super loud and drowns out all the noise. It is super small and lasts for HOURS after it’s charged. I highly recommend this!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I am so excited because this weekend I am heading down to NC to celebrate my baby sister and throw her a baby shower with my mom! Make sure to follow along on my Instagram stories to see what we planned!






Photography by Shadi Garman

Vest: Shein Shorts: One Teaspoon Shoes: Adidas Glasses: Warby Parker Tee: Madewell Belt: Gucci


  1. I am very into these day heels. I am thinking of purchasing but can’t decide on the color. I am thinking red though!
  2. Just got Charlee her very first pair of walking shoes! She got two pairs. The first from her Nana: These Stride Rights and then I got her these Naturino baby shoes in sparkly silver haha
  3. Do you guys listen to Podcasts? I am listening to My Favorite Murder, Oprah Super Soul, and Stuff you Should Know on my way to Brooklyn or when I am commuting!
  4. We just booked a long weekend in Hudson, NY in October. I am SO excited!
  5. My sister is due with her baby in 58 days and I am seriously counting the minutes!
  6. This travel high chair has been a MUST bring on every outing and vacation. It even comes with it’s very own placemat so you don’t have to worry about germs. we used it every day on vacation this past 2 weeks!
  7. Charlee gave me the biggest hug today before bed and hummed along with me while I sang her a lullaby. I wanted to freeze time.
  8. I can’t believe I am admitting this but I am really excited for Fall all of a sudden. I am SUCH a summer girl but I must admit I am kind of excited to not be in a bathing suit every weekend and to wear sweaters and for Christmas!
  9. I honestly can’t believe I have a 1 year old! We took Charlee to the park last night and she is so fearless! She went down the slide face first on her belly maybe 100 times. She’s so fun!
  10. I just got this bag and I am obsessed. It’s a dupe of a more expensive bag but looks exactly the same!


The Power Suit


Photography by: Shadi Garman

Outfit Details: hat: Overstock Pants: Club Monaco Shirt: Express Blazer: Zara Heels: Gucci Purse: Henri Bendel

I am such a suit girl I can’t even stand it. I LOVE a power suit and I always have. I remember when I went on my first real interview, I put on a suit from White House Black Market that my Mom had bought me as a gift for my college graduation. I felt like a BOSS in that suit. Well, funny story, I walked into the interview and everyone in the room was wearing shorts and t-shirts (it was a start-up hence the casual dress code) but Hey! I felt confident and my suit-wearing showed I was serious about the position and guess what?! I got the job!

Ok, all anecdotes aside, this suit is a funky and fun update on your typical power suit. I actually purchased these pieces separately and paired them together! This would be an amazing interview outfit or a fabulous outfit for a night out. Super versatile. These pants are also incredibly flattering! The high waist elongates my middle and focuses on the waist.  The crop pant also give an illusion that my legs are even longer and will do the same for every height and body type. I  have worn these pants 100 different ways already. I added this straw fedora for fun, but you may want to leave that behind if you’re headed to an interview ;)!

I added some major Power Suit Inspiration below. Maybe we can say “Suit-spiration!” ENJOY!



Rachel Zoe, the queen of the power suit!

*All photos courtesy of Pinterest

Feeling Blue


Photography by Shadi Garman

Dress: Max Studio Shoes: Gucci Earrings: Nordstrom Rack Purse: Chanel

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! How was your week?! Mine was SOOOO long. I kept thinking it was a day after than it was, meaning I thought it was Tuesday on Monday ha! Anyways, I have a ton of new posts coming to the blog and have been inspired to share a ton of outfits and mommy content with you guys! First up, is this adorable Max Studio wrap dress that is currently on sale! I am such a dress lover, especially in the summer. It’s easier to get dressed and a dress like this can be styled a million different ways! I love to pair it with sandals, or for a night out with a heel like I did here.

What are your plans for the weekend? This is the last weekend we are in town before the crazy month of August comes. Charlee is turning 1 in less than two weeks and we have a few trips planned. I am so excited to get out of the city and spend time with family. This weekend though, we are going to take advantage of the great weather and go to the Bronx zoo! We have heard it’s amazing but have never been. Hope Charlee loves it!




 Photography by Shadi Garman

Me: Dress: ASTR the Label Sandals: Nordstrom

Charlee: Dress: Gap Shoes: Amazon (only $10!!)

Hi Friends! I have been wanting to write this post for a while and I am super excited to share it with you all. Now that Charlee is almost 1 year old (OMG!!!) I feel like I have a decent handle on how to navigate the city with a baby. It’s a very different experience having a baby in suburbia vs. a city. Neither one is better or worse, just different! I wanted to share some tips and life hacks and random thoughts for parents of an NYC urban dwelling! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Best stroller for a city baby:
    • First and foremost…when you live in a big city, your stroller is essentially your car which means you will need to invest a little more than those living in suburbia. I have three strollers I am going to talk about. The first is the Bugaboo Cameleon which is the everyday stroller that we have. To be honest, I don’t love it. It is a great stroller in that it moves well and I like some of the features, but the problem is that the basket underneath is small and almost impossible to access!! It’s even harder to access with the bassinet. I had a few meltdowns early on in Charlee’s life because of this ha! That said, now that she is out of the bassinet it’s better. I keep a backpack hanging on the handles and this helps with space underneath. I really wish I had gotten the Uppababy Vista. I have a few friends that have it and say it’s great. It’s also great for taller people because the baby sits up higher than the Bugaboo. The basket is large underneath and the features are exactly the same as the bugaboo.
    • I also want to talk about travel strollers. We travel a lot with Charlee and knew we would need something a bit more compact, lightweight and easy to break down than the Bugaboo. We have the Mountain Buggy Nano and we LOVE it. It’s compatible with every type of infant car seat. It also breaks down so small that you can fit it in the overhead compartment on an airplane!
  2. Navigating the city via car:
    • This is a tricky one and to be honest, I had to do a lot of trips around the city, and back and forth to the airport to be able to share this info. A few things about traveling in and around the city in a taxi: It is surprising, but it’s actually legal to hold your child in your lap when riding in a taxi around the city. I am not advocating for this option, but if you are ever in a bind, you are allowed legally to hold your child in a yellow cab. That said, I think the best way to navigate NYC is in a cab or uber using a carseat that can be installed using just a seatbelt! We have the Cybex Anton infant carseat. It’s great because it can be installed into any car using the seatbelt and you don’t have to have the base in the car to use it. Uber and Lyft also offer cars that have carseats in them. They are harder to find though so I always bring my infant carseat when I know I need to travel in a cab.
  3. Kidpass: MOMS! This has been an incredible find! Kidpass is essentially Classpass for kids classes. You pay a monthly fee and can sign your baby up for kids classes all over the city. I have taken Charlee to swim lessons, music classes and play gym! It’s the most cost efficient way to take your baby to class! They even have bike rentals! It’s a great option! Message me if you want a referral link ;)!
  4. Local Library Offerings: The local library in our neighborhood has a free tummy time class for babies! You can check on this website to see what your local library offers for kids. All their classes are free and I love the idea of supporting local libraries.
  5. Best places to eat in NYC with baby:
    1. Almond :They even make their own organic baby food)
    2. The Smith : Loud atmosphere and great for kids brunch. They have high chairs! We took Charlee here last weekend and she cried a little but no one could really hear her since it was so loud hah!
    3. Alice’s Tea Cup: I can’t WAIT to take Charlee here! I actually have gone a bunch of times as an adult. This place is incredibly kid friendly and is adorable as they serve tea and delicious food and baked goods. It’s incredibly adorable and delicious.
    4. American Girl Cafe: Need I say more?!
    5. North River Lobster Company: This is the BEST place to take your baby if you want to enjoy yourself but also have an experience during the summer! It only costs $10 to board, and you can order delicious seafood and drinks on the boat! We bring our lobster high chair  (they do offer high chairs but I have found it easier to bring my own) and order a bunch of yummy seafood and rose while sailing along the Hudson. We just discovered it and have done it twice in the last two weeks!
    6. Maman: Filled with kids on a Sat. and Sun. morning. Delicious food and great atmosphere. French bakery but also has delicious food!
  6. Madison Square Park: I’m biased but I LOVE Madison Square Park. Matt and I had our first date there, got engaged there and our daughter’s middle name is Madison! There are so many babies in the park at all times and it serves as entertainment when Charlee is stir crazy and needs to get out of the house. There is an awesome playground and they have started to open the greens so we go on picnics all the time. They also have shows throughout the summer. You can check that out here.
  7. Amazon Prime: Just needed to include a shout out here haha! If you are an adult in the 21st century you understand the value of Amazon prime ha! I buy EVERYTHING on Amazon and if you aren’t doing it on prime you’re doing it wrong hah! Here are some of my most recent purchases I made on Amazon Prime:
  8. Where to Register in NYC: & Buy Buy Baby in FlatironI had an incredible experience registering at Buy Buy Baby. I booked a registry appointment and they walked me through the entire store. It was lovely. We also just did the same thing with my sister when she visited and that was also awesome. In addition to Buy Buy Baby, I would also register at BabyList, which allows you to register from any website! It’s a great way to get those items on your list that a larger store like Buy Buy Baby won’t have!
  9. Workouts with baby in NYC: Ok so if you have been following me for a while now, you know I love BBG and do that about 3 times per week. That said, I have learned of a few mommy and me workouts around the city that I thought I’d share. This blog post has them all listed!!
  10. Best on the go noisemaker: NYC can be SUPER loud and there are times when I need Charlee to nap when I’m on the go and she is in the stroller. I swear by this Baby Shusher.   It drowns out the noise of the city on the go and also sounds like an actual person is saying “shhhhh.” It kind of freaked me out in the beginning but now I am obsessed because it works SO WELL!

Ok, so I know that’s a random group of information but I thought I’d share. Leave some of your Mom hacks in the comments!



Photography by Brandon John

*In Partnership with Fab Fit Fun; All opinions are my own*

Hi Friends! Thanks for stopping by. I am excited to share this blog post with you guys! I have never been a girly girl when it comes to beauty and products. My husband makes fun of me sometimes because I take about 10 minutes to get ready and most of the time let my hair air dry and wear limited makeup. He doesn’t do it in a mean way, he just says that I probably should learn a thing or two about beauty since I have a girl ha! That said, this past year I have noticed I’m getting older (hello grey hair and crowsfeet creeping!) and I realized it may be time to up my beauty game! I was so excited when Fab Fit Fun reached out to me because to be honest, I didn’t even know where to start when it came to shopping for beauty products. Fab Fit Fun is a beauty subscription box that is sent to your door 4x a year. It includes Full-size, premium products delivered to you at the retail price of $200, but costing only $49.99! I am so excited to offer all of my followers a coupon code of $10.00 off of your first box at ! The code is JESSQ10

In my box, I received a ton of products! I love the magazine that comes with the box and the description of all the products :). I have to be honest and say I have tried a few different subscription boxes, and this one feels very worth it. The products are full sized and you really can’t beat the value. You can also customize your box too which is awesome! My favorite product was the Tarte Eyeshadow palate. I have become obsessed with this brand now because of being sent this palate! They also sent me the Tarte winged liquid eyeliner, which is AMAZING! I am still getting the hang of applying it but getting better :). See below for a photo of me wearing the palate and eyeliner ;)!

I am still working on my makeup skills, hence the lip line HA!! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Make sure to take advantage of the discount code!!





Hi Friends! I hope you all are having a fabulous start to your week. I am excited to share the salmon recipe that both myself, my hubby and sweet baby girl LOVE!

I am always trying to find easy one dish meals to make cooking simple. I decided to serve this salmon with a side of rainbow carrots, which is the bonus side dishI included below! You can bake both the salmon and carrots in the same baking dish which is super awesome and convenient. I’ll separate the recipes below, but note that the cooking degree and time is the same 🙂



  • 4 mid-sized salmon filets
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons whole grain mustard or dijon
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 clove garlic – minced (I use a spoonful of minced garlic from a jar)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • minced parsley (optional garnish)


  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a glass baking dish with cooking spray. I use this olive oil cooking spray from Trader Joe’s
  • Place each salmon filet in the baking dish, skin side down.
  • In a small bowl, whisk together honey, mustard, lemon, garlic and salt/pepper. Use a small spoon to coat each filet evenly with the honey mustard sauce. I make sure to cover all the sides (except the skin) with the sauce.
  • Roast salmon 15-20 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork. Garnish with fresh parsley and lemon wedges to serve.

Rainbow Carrots (side dish)


  • 1 bag of rainbow carrots
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 tbs of rosemary


  • Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a glass baking dish with cooking spray. (The carrots can bake in the same pan as the salmon!)
  • Peel the carrots and slice off the top. If there are larger carrots, slice them in half length wise so they lay flat.
  • drizzle olive oil on the carrots and then top with the rosemary flakes
  • pop in the oven and roast for 15-20 minutes along with the salmon!

This is one of the most delicious, healthy and EASY recipes on my rolodex. I always give Charlee the leftovers for her lunch at daycare the next day. She loves it! Let me know if you guys try this out!


Incredibundles & 3-month diaper subscription Giveaway!

Photography by Brandon John

*Sponsored by*

Hi Friends!! Thanks for stopping by! I am SO excited about this blog post I could squeal EEK! When I became a Mom, I received so many beautiful gifts for Charlee and myself. I appreciated absolutely every single item we received and was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. One of the best gifts I received as a new mom was actually a gift card to Amazon which I promptly used to purchase an enormous amount of diapers and wipes. To this day, I buy about 150 diapers every three weeks which really adds up and can get pricey! I love getting creative with gifts and I love how Incredibundles has thought about a really personal way to gift an incredibly useful item! It’s super easy to gift and instead of giving a box of diapers or gift card, you can gift a Diaper Subscription service for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months!! It’s easy to update and even change the sizing. The gift itself  includes an announcement package which is pictured above. Too cute!

Curious how it works?? check out the easy how-to steps below:

1. The purchaser Selects a Subscription Length (You can choose to give a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month Diaper Subscription!)

2. Then the Purchaser Chooses Where to Send the Announcement Package: Upon your purchase, Incredibundles will send an adorable package announcing your gift! They can ship this directly to the recipient or to you to bring to a baby shower.

3. The Recipient Creates an Account and Activates Their Subscription: The Announcement Package contains all the information your recipient needs to redeem their diapers.

4. Recipient Orders Their Diapers: Your recipient gets to pick the brand, type and size of diapers they want on their own schedule!! So convenient and personalized!

5. The Recipient Receives Their Diapers! The diapers are delivered straight to their door each month!

Sounds pretty great right?! Well as a part of my partnership with IncrediBundles, we are offering my readers a chance to win a 3-month diaper subscription! In order to enter, you must follow @Incredibundles and myself @letsjessup on Instagram, and comment on THIS INSTAGRAM POST tagging 2 or more parents who would benefit from receiving diapers. As an extra entry, you can also leave a comment on this blog post.

I am so excited to offer my readers this opportunity! I hope you all have a great day!