Incredibundles & 3-month diaper subscription Giveaway!

Photography by Brandon John

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Hi Friends!! Thanks for stopping by! I am SO excited about this blog post I could squeal EEK! When I became a Mom, I received so many beautiful gifts for Charlee and myself. I appreciated absolutely every single item we received and was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. One of the best gifts I received as a new mom was actually a gift card to Amazon which I promptly used to purchase an enormous amount of diapers and wipes. To this day, I buy about 150 diapers every three weeks which really adds up and can get pricey! I love getting creative with gifts and I love how Incredibundles has thought about a really personal way to gift an incredibly useful item! It’s super easy to gift and instead of giving a box of diapers or gift card, you can gift a Diaper Subscription service for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months!! It’s easy to update and even change the sizing. The gift itself  includes an announcement package which is pictured above. Too cute!

Curious how it works?? check out the easy how-to steps below:

1. The purchaser Selects a Subscription Length (You can choose to give a 3, 6, 9 or 12-month Diaper Subscription!)

2. Then the Purchaser Chooses Where to Send the Announcement Package: Upon your purchase, Incredibundles will send an adorable package announcing your gift! They can ship this directly to the recipient or to you to bring to a baby shower.

3. The Recipient Creates an Account and Activates Their Subscription: The Announcement Package contains all the information your recipient needs to redeem their diapers.

4. Recipient Orders Their Diapers: Your recipient gets to pick the brand, type and size of diapers they want on their own schedule!! So convenient and personalized!

5. The Recipient Receives Their Diapers! The diapers are delivered straight to their door each month!

Sounds pretty great right?! Well as a part of my partnership with IncrediBundles, we are offering my readers a chance to win a 3-month diaper subscription! In order to enter, you must follow @Incredibundles and myself @letsjessup on Instagram, and comment on THIS INSTAGRAM POST tagging 2 or more parents who would benefit from receiving diapers. As an extra entry, you can also leave a comment on this blog post.

I am so excited to offer my readers this opportunity! I hope you all have a great day!



Photography by Shadi Garman

Top: Asos Skirt: Vince Heels: INC Brand Purse: Chanel Necklace: Alexis Bittar Bracelet: Alexis Bittar

Hi Friends! I hope your week has been great so far! It has been a crazy few weeks and I am excited to be back with a new blog post! I just got this denim peplum top and I was so excited to style it. I tried it with a number of different pieces…some of which included high waisted denim jeans and shorts, but I randomly decided to try it with this very feminine skirt and I was INSPIRED! I love how the look came together. I think it just goes to show you that pairing casual or less fancy fabrics with higher end items isn’t off limits.

Matt and I got back last week from L.A. where we traveled across the country with Charlee! I wanted to take the time to offer a few more traveling tips for a longer flight. Let me preface this by saying I WAS SO NERVOUS to fly across the country with Charlee to L.A. Unfortunately, my husband’s Grandmother passed away. We wanted to be at the memorial but were super nervous to fly with Charlee. We decided to go for it, because we figured it would be hard but we could handle it! We booked two tickets in economy and added Charlee as a lap infant. We also made sure to book the first seat on the plane because we wanted a little extra room in front for Charlee to crawl or hang out if she wanted to get out of our arms. When we got to the airport however, there was an option to upgrade to first class at a SUPER cheap rate so we bought the tickets and oh my gosh it was a magical experience lol! We may or may not have screwed ourselves because now that I’ve gone first class back and forth I am spoiled! That isn’t going to be a common occurrence at all, to say the least!

Anyways, despite having first class seats I still learned a few helpful tricks that I wanted to share for a long flight with baby:

  1. Bring two light blankets. One for laying on the ground in front of you and one for placing over you and baby for nap time. Charlee can get distracted very easily so I have found that nap time on flights is tough. I always put a blanket on top of her and I and rock her back and forth. This way she can’t see anything but me. I swear it works like a charm! She is usually out within two minutes when I do this! The second blanket is to place on the ground in front of you. It helps with germs, although I’m not sure how much ha! 🙂
  2. Don’t bring too many toys. I like to bring 2-3 toys and rotate them so Charlee doesn’t get overwhelmed or bored. These are some good airplane toys for 6-10 month olds that don’t take up too much space: Noggin stick, banana toothbrush, Sophie the Giraffe. To be honest though, Charlee loves to play with water bottles and the safety print outs on flights ha!
  3. Try and keep your baby from napping until after take off. I used to try and get Charlee to nap before the flight because I didn’t want her to be cranky and overtired, but then she didn’t sleep much on flights so it was a bit more work for Momma! Now I keep her up so that she is super tired by the time we take off. This always ensures she gets at least one nap! She took 2 naps on both legs of our flight. One 45 min and an hour long nap.
  4. Let your baby crawl and get energy out at the airport before the long flight. I used to be a germaphobe with Charlee but then I got over it! Now, I let her crawl all over the floor and tire herself out. This helps her be more tired once we board.
  5. Eat an enormous meal before the flight and pack snacks for yourself. I was traveling with Matt so we were able to take turns eating lunch. That said, we made sure to eat before the flight because it is rare that your baby (at Charlee’s age anyway) will sit still long enough for you to down a meal. Also, you can really be hands free and eat, so try and eat a big meal before to offset hunger if you are flying without a partner.
  6. Pack wireless headphones! This one has been a game-changer not only on flights, but in life. Having wireless headphones was great for me. I was able to listen to an audio book while Charlee slept in my arms and I didn’t have to worry about holding my phone at the same time or dealing with the cord getting in Charlee’s way. This also helps in life when you want to be hands free and talk on the phone. I love the apple air pods!
  7. Remember, you can do this! No matter what, the flight is temporary. You won’t be stuck up in the air forever and you and your baby will be fine! Repeating that to myself before we left really helped. Then of course it was much easier than I expected!

That’s about it folks! All my other traveling tips wth baby can be found in this blog post!




Photography by Shadi Garman

Blazer: Zara Skirt: Hudson t-shirt: here and here Sneakers: Golden Goose  Fanny Pack: Gucci Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples

Hi Everyone! I’m back! I apologize for the lack of blog posts but to be honest, the weather has been TERRIBLE in NYC and I had to cancel multiple photoshoots! Luckily the sun came out and let Shadi work her magic ;). I couldn’t be more excited that summer is finally here. I am such a summer gal through and through. I just feel like I look 100 times better when I have a tan haha!

I recently got this Gucci fanny pack and I have to say I am OBSESSED. I was worried that it would be too trendy and I wouldn’t get enough wear out of it, but as a new Mom it’s quickly become my go-to bag. I love being chic and handsfree! Speaking of, that’s why I also love this diaper back pack. Anyways! I am so excited that denim skirts are back! They are taking me back to my middle school years and I don’t hate it! I paired this denim skirt with a blazer to create a bit of a more polished look. I wore this denim skirt again this week to another event. It’s so versatile!

Anyways, since it’s been a minute since my last blog post, I thought I’d round up a group of random thoughts and things I wanted to share with you all! Enjoy!

  1. I rarely have the time to get a manicure being a new Mom, but when I do I always bring my own nail polish. I love this Essie Gel Couture option and wear the color “Lace me Up.” The reason I bring my own nail polish is because I had a HORRIBLE experience last year right after I had Charlee. Matt offered to watch Charlee for an hour while I went to get a mani pedi when C was 2 or so weeks old. Well, to make a long story short I ended up having to go to the podiatrist every week for the following 4 months and had 6 ingrown toenails removed and treatment for a fungus I got at the nail salon. I didn’t realize the place I went didn’t sanitize correctly. Now I only go to very high end places and bring my own tools and nail polish! It was super stressful especially to have to deal with while I was recovering from birth! Sorry if that is TMI but thought I’d share!
  2. I have recently discovered this amazing under eye cream from IT Cosmetics. It is a game changer! I have always had thin skin under my eyes and this does the trick! I also love their CC cream and wear that every day as well. I wear the medium shade in the summer and the light shade in winter.
  3. Do you guys follow @Thehomeedit on Instagram? I just recently discovered them and now I have dreams of getting my home organized like their photos!
  4. I jut recently discovered this new cream cheese that is made of greek yogurt. It has 4x the protein of regular cream cheese and half the fat! It also tastes exactly like cream cheese and is super delish. I have it on GG crackers with a slice of tomato and onion, topped with Everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s for breakfast. It’s amazing and guilt free!
  5. I have been using the Jergens everyday tanning lotion on my body, and it’s really great. I think they changed the formula since it came out and the smell is nice and it really works!
  6. Have you guys seen the We Wore What x Onia swimwear collab? I am obssesed but can’t wrap my head around spending that much on a bathing suit! Maybe ill splurge once they go on sale ha!
  7. I just bought this Waterproof Sleeved bib for Charlee and it’s AWESOME. It allows me to feed her whatever food without soiling her clothes! You can just rinse it clean with soap and water, or throw it in the wash.
  8. This Simply Lite chocolate is amazing and guilt free! It’s super low carb AND low cal, and it tastes delicious. I like the plain dark chocolate flavor and the almond chocolate flavor.
  9. Now that the weather is so much nicer, I have been taking Charlee to the park almost every afternoon. I use this incredible picnic blanket. It’s great because it is water proof on the bottom and soft on top.

Ok that’s it! I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!