About Me

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My name is Jessica Quarello and WELCOME to my blog! Let’s Jess Up is a fashion, lifestyle and Motherhood blog where I share my outfits, styling advice and get real about Motherhood!

I’m sure you’re asking yourself — there are so many fashion blogs out there… so why follow mine? What makes me different? Well, here’s a short bio to fill you in on me:

I was born in Sweden but grew up in the southern town of Greensboro, NC. I have a Swedish father and an American Mother and our lives revolved around travel, food, and FASHION. I pride myself in finding looks that are classic yet unique and stylish and most importantly, affordable. At over 5’10 I do my best to find stylish looks that work for us tall gals while also appeasing you shorties ;). Fashion and style should be attainable for everyone.

Today, I spend my time as a personal stylist and closet curator in NYC. I am excited to announce my partnership with Millie and Main which will allow anyone to get styled by me anywhere in the world! You can read more about that here.

On the personal side of things, I am married to the love of my life, Matt, in NYC which is where we live and call home! You can take a look at our wedding here :). We have a little girl named Charlee!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Shopping :)!