Tips and Tricks for Traveling with a 2.5 Year Old

Hi Guys! How are you all holding up during this crazy time? We got home Saturday night from our family vacation in Park City, Utah. When we left the Coronavirus didn’t seem like that big of a threat…Oh, how things can change in 7 days! I heard that they are closing all of the ski parks in Park City TODAY. Literally the day after we left. The timing was absolutely on our side and I feel very blessed about that. This coming week, Charlee will be home with me while I try and work from home. I am very anxious about it all, but I know we will all get through it and everyone is basically in the same position. Matt, unfortunately, has to go into the office for the time being…that may change in the coming days.

Anyways, this trip was one of the first times we were able to really enjoy our flight with Charlee. She is great on flights now and plays with all the activities I pack and is good at watching her shows. We, of course, get up and walk the aisles every once in a while, but to be honest, this trip was awesome! I wanted to share an updated list of things that made our flight so easy. I’ve written these posts for traveling with baby and toddler if you want to read those as well!

Check out the list below:

Fun N Fly Foldable travel tray: This thing is AMAZING. I really wish I knew it existed for previous trips! This travel tray fits on top of all standard size airplane trays. It velcros together and clips around the airplane tray, keeping it from sliding. It comes with a lot of small pockets and areas to put snacks and keeps a cup stabilized. It’s great for keeping crayons from rolling off and keeps the area clean for snacks. Charlee absolutely loved having this tray and so did Momma!

Amazon Fire tablet: We always travel with a ton of activities which includes the Amazon Fire. We were debating what to get Charlee for travel and I did a ton of research before deciding on the Fire. We have downloaded a ton of Apps, including Disney + and PBS kids. It’s a great price and super durable for my kiddo.

Headphones: Charlee got these headphones as a Christmas gift from family and they have been so awesome. They are adjustable and stay put. We had originally bought Bluetooth headphones but found these chorded ones to be way less difficult to set up. Also, by the time your kiddo will wear headphones, they won’t mind the chord.

Playdough: I always bring playdough on a flight now. I usually bring a small set of three colors and some playdough accessories as well. C loves to play with it!

Sticker books: Stickers are always a hit with C so I try and bring a set of stickers for the flight. It usually gives us at least 30 minutes of activity time!

Coloring books: I always buy a few brand new coloring books off of Amazon to surprise C with on a flight. This trip I got this Frozen sticker and activity book as well as this Moana one. She was SO excited.

Skip Hop stainless steel stackable lunch kit: I made a quick trip to Buy Buy Baby before our flight and discovered this new product! These are awesome and keep food cold or hot for a long time. For the trip to Park City, I packed a PB&J and fresh strawberries. It was a hit with C!

Memory games: Charlee is obsessed with this Memory game that my friend Katie suggested of @fashionandford. C would play this for hours if I had the stamina lol!

Stasher bags: These are amazing! Matt randomly ordered these bags and I have been using them for anything and everything for Charlee. I used the smaller sized bag to store crayons and pencils for the flight. Normally I’d use a plastic baggie but those get gross and destroyed. I love being able to clean and reuse these!

I really hope this post gets you guys excited about FUTURE travel lol! And mostly, I hope you all are safe and healthy. We got this!