Life Lately

Hi Friends! It’s been a minute. I had a baby on July 21st!!! My delicious Adeline Blake. The transition from 1-2 kids has been absolute insanity! I will say that after 6 weeks though I have finally found my footing. Adeline is on a schedule now, sleeping through the night and way more predictable. Before that, I was just flying by the seat of my pants!

I am excited to be back to blogging and will try and do a post a week. That said, today I don’t have much time but I’ve been dying to share a few things with you all that have been a part of my every day with my family and myself.

This amazing Fanny Pack: Matt got me this fanny pack for my birthday and it has become my new favorite bag. I actually wear it slung around my shoulder and I love having my phone, sanitizer, and wallet so easily accessible. I had never heard of this brand but I love their stuff!

These Momma Bear earrings: My friend Katie got me these too! Aren’t they too cute!

My arm and hand candy:

I love these bracelets from The Style Collection! I wear this mosaic bracelet and this Lexi bracelet almost every day. I love mixing silver and gold together. I also bought this custom ring with my girl’s names on it. I absolutely LOVE it and it’s under $50! I also have a small obsession with my Fitbit. I wear it every day and love tracking my sleep and my steps. I ordered this really cute band to style it up a bit. I love it.

Stoney Clover Masks: I just got a few new masks from this brand and I really like them. The fabric is high quality and they are super cute.

Sleep training book: Addie is officially sleep trained! She started sleeping through the night at 5.5 weeks. She’s doing so well! You can learn a little about how I sleep trained Charlee three years ago here. This experience sleep-training Addie has been so much easier than it was with C since I knew what I was doing way earlier on in the process. I used the same method for both girls. To be honest, my 3-year-old has been waking us up with night terrors a few times a night which is so fun…NOT!

This new blouse: I am obsessed with this brand and the quality of the top. I bought a bunch from this brand. Also, having a button-down makes it so much easier to pump!

Mary Ruth Multivitamin: I learned about this Multivitamin from my dear friend Julie of @Julethebee. I used to take melatonin on nights I had trouble sleeping. I didn’t love the way melatonin made me feel though, and then when I got pregnant I had to stop taking melatonin altogether. I had a lot of sleep problems while pregnant due to discomfort so this was particularly annoying. I decided to try the Mary Ruth nighttime multivitamin since it was highly recommended by Julie and also pregnancy safe. All I can say is WOW. This stuff works, and it makes you feel awesome when you wake up!

Kids facemasks: Ok, I have tried a bunch of different brands of face masks. The Gap ones have been awesome and the price is great. I also really liked these tie-dye masks by Little Mia Bella that I found on etsy. They are awesome and super cute. This is also a really cute one that I got from the same shop.

The Baby Bjorne Bouncer: This is my favorite baby seat! It’s so mobile and I can take Adeline from room to room. She loves to sit and watch me get ready in the mornings and she also is learning to bounce in it. So cute!

The Peloton bike: I am so excited to finally get to workout! I am hoping to get cleared by next Tuesday and finally get on our new Peloton! We have had it for two weeks and Matt has been on it almost every day.

Fiber Gourmet: Healthy and low calorie and carb kinds of pasta! OMG this pasta is AMAZING. I have always been on the lookout for a good pasta alternative that doesn’t taste like ass. This one tastes like the real thing and also keeps you full. I am a big fan of Palmini, but I am always hungry after I eat it.

There are so many more things I want to share, but that’s all for now. Hope you all have a great labor day weekend!