Update on our Move & direct links to the items we have purchased so far

Hi Friends! We are starting the beginning of our third week here in our new place in Hoboken, NJ. So far it’s been the best decision and we are loving it! Having more space inside and outdoors has been a welcomed change and I feel very blessed to be safe and sound in our new home. The move was stressful, but we made it through safely. It’s taken us a while to unpack and we are still not done but we are so close! Having Charlee home all day and Matt working makes it difficult to find the time to get our new home organized, so we are taking it slow! It has been such a fun project for me to work on and decorating this new space has been a blast so far. It’s a great quarantine project! I get a lot of questions asking where I have been getting a ton of items for our new place so I thought I’d just link them here. Unfortunately, due to COVID I clearly am not participating in any blog photoshoots, so I hope you don’t mind the lack of photos.


Outdoor Sectional: We purchased the white cushion version and so far we LOVE it! The fabric is rain resistant and it’s easy to clean with a little folex. We need to purchase a cover for the sectional so we don’t have to keep putting the cushions in storage. If anyone has a great sectional rain cover, let me know!

Outdoor table and chairs set: This has been one of our best finds! We finally had a chance to put it together yesterday and it’s amazing. It comes with 8 chairs and they have these little holes in them which is great when it rains. The rain water doesn’t sit in the seat.

Outdoor umbrella: This is a great umbrella and it’s also a great deal right now. We got the color Olefin White.

Outdoor rug: Can’t say enough about Home Depot! They have the best outdoor rugs. This one is gorge and super affordable.

Outdoor Pillows: mustard yellow pillows, striped lumbar pillow, black and white tasseled pillow, white chevron patterned pillow, Jungle print pillow


Toy Storage: I had been on the hunt for storage under 2 feet tall to fit under our windows. These are well priced and the bins actually store a ton of toys.

Playroom Rug: I finally tried a Ruggable rug. I really like this rug for the playroom, but I wouldn’t buy this rug for any other room. Full transparency, the rug is super thin and just doesn’t have that cozy feel you want for a rug. That being said, it’s wonderful for a room where there will be a lot of mess since you can take it apart and throw it into the wash.

Who Run the World Art Print: I am thinking about purchasing this amazing print either for Charlee’s room or the playroom. I just love it!

Bedroom Closet and Organizational items:

Over the door shoe rack: Amazing price and a great product! Holds 36 pairs! It’s also great because this shoe rack can adjust to accommodate boots as well.

Shelf organizers: These are awesome for keeping open shelving organized. The are super universal in size too.

Stacking shelves: I use these in every single closet in our home. They stack and create an instant shelf. It’s great if you have an extra room on the top shelf and need to maximize vertical space. We used these in our last apartment to maximize the space.

Family Room:

Faux Hermes Blanket: This is an awesome dupe! It takes a while to ship but I recommend it if you’re looking for an Hermes dupe!

New statement pillow


Hand soap & dish soap labels: I LOVE these labels. They are so affordable and easy to apply to a soap dispenser.

Duo soap dispenser:

Girl’s Bathroom:

Hand Towels in pink stripe


Shower Curtain

Bathroom Rug

Bathroom Print: I found this print on Etsy and loved it! I got it printed for 79 cents at Staples and then ordered a frame from Target. It’s a super affordable little DIY project and I love how it turned out!

Charlee’s Room:

Rug: I have gotten really luck with rugs this move. I LOVE this and it looks so cute in her room

Bed: Bought this bed on super sale! Love it.

Pillows: How cute are these pillows?

I hope I linked all the items you guys wanted me to. If not, feel free to let me know and I’ll update this post!