Now that Charlee is officially 6 months (closer to 7 now eek!) I can confidently share with you all my absolute must-haves that we used from when she was 3-6 months old.

  1. Bumbo changing table This was a part of my newborn necessities post. I love love love this changing table and don’t know how I survived without it for the first month. It’s a lifesaver! It wipes clean so any messes are easy to handle. It’s also cheaper than the keekaroo and is basically the exact same product.
  2. 50/50 Love to Dream Swaddle This product was amazing for transitioning Charlee out of the swaddle. It weirdly looks like it would be incredibly uncomfortable for a baby and I felt a little weird putting Charlee into it, but it totally worked and she loved it. We used it as is with the wings attached for about a month around 4 months old. Then we took one wing off for a week, and then the other side the second week. It was a totally seamless transition! I was so worried about transitioning her out of the swaddle and this product made is so much easier. Once she transitioned we used the swaddle without the wings as a sort of blanket. I highly recommend this product!
  3. Baby Bjorn Soft Carrier We have been through SO many carriers it’s embarrassing to admit. We started with the Solly Baby Wrap which was awesome when Charlee was super tiny. That lasted about a month MAX ha! I couldn’t wear that wrap after she was over 10 lbs, it really killed my back! We moved on to the larger Bjorne but for some reason Charlee really didnt like it! She was uncomfortable and I guess a little too small for it. We finally found this wrap and I still use it today! It’s soft but sturdy and really easy to put on. It will only last you around 7-8 months from birth but it’s worth it.
  4. Muchkin Latch Bottles These are great bottles and Charlee took to them easily. I know bottles are a very “by baby” item but these worked great for us!
  5. Baby Bjorne bouncer seat God bless this seat. I can’t tell you how much use we got out of this seat. I only JUST NOW am not using it. It lasted us a full 6.5 months.
  6. Skip Hop Activity Center Charlee loves this activity center. It’s also not an eye sore which selfishly was something I was concerned with. We have a two bedroom apartment and no playroom and the activity center in on display. This one is sort of chic looking lol and she also loves it. A WIN WIN!
  7. My Breast Friend Pillow I have used this pillow every day for every feeding since Charlee was born. It makes it so comfortable to feed her and offers that arm support you need.
  8. 7 A.M Enfant stroller bag I hate that I am STILL using this because that means it’s still cold outside, but this stroller bag is the best. It’s SO warm and I swear just radiates heat. I can put Charlee in a light sweater and a hat and she is almost sweating by the time I take her out of it. I feel really comfortable that she is super warm when we go on walks when it’s cold outside. It’s expensive, but worth it!
  9. Noggin Stick  This toy will always have a special place in my heart :). It was her first toy and she still LOVES it. Can’t say enough about it. We call it “Mr. Noggin” and every time I pull it out she starts to bounce and flap her arms. It’s a great toy to throw in your diaper bag for walks and trips. Charlee loves her “Mr. Noggin.”
  10. Take Along Tunes Toy Not sure why every baby loves this darn toy, but they do! This has been in the toy rotation from the beginning!
  11. Nose Frida The woman who invented this thing is a GENIUS! I swear Charlee has had a runny nose every week since she was in daycare. I have used this thing so many times and it really does the trick!

Ok that’s it for my 3-6 month essentials. Did I miss anything you can’t live without?! Leave a note in the comments!