HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYBODY!! It’s Friday, it’s almost the weekend and I have an AWESOME giveaway for you guys!
A nice smile is one of the first things I notice when I meet someone new. That said, teeth whitening can get pricey. When I was young and working in the modeling industry, my mother took me to the dentist to have custom fitted trays created to whiten my teeth. I don’t even want to know how much those cost! They definitely worked for me, but obviously over the years my mouth changed shape and I grew out of them. Since then, I have used Crest white strips but always noticed my teeth weren’t as white as I knew they could be. That’s why I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out asking me to try their custom fitted teeth whitening trays! They are just as good as dentist quality trays at a fraction of the price…under $150 to be exact! As an exciting bonus for all of you, they have offered a 5% discount to all of you AND to sponsor a great giveaway for one lucky winner!
Before I get into the details of the giveaway though, I wanted to break down the process of receiving your very own custom whitening trays!
After you place your order, you receive a box filled with everything you’ll need to create your very own custom trays in the comfort of your own home. Inside the kit there is a blue paste you mix yourself and place into molds to create your custom trays. All the instructions are broken down step by step and it is super easy! I was a little intimidated at first, but it took me only 15 minutes! After you create your molds, all you have to do is put them into the pre-paid shipping bag and send off. You receive your trays within two weeks! How easy is that!?
A few weeks after you send your trays away, you receive your very own custom trays shipped straight to your door.
Then begins the fun part, whitening! The whitening process is super easy. Just fill a thin strip of gel into your custom trays and wear them for about 45 min-1 hour. I usually throw them on after dinner while watching TV before bed! This also helps me from indulging in dessert haha!
 After an hour or so you should be set. If you experience sensitivity after whitening, you can use the desensitizing gel included in your pack for 15 minutes. This makes the whitening experience enjoyable and not painful!
After only a week of using these trays I saw a major and noticeable difference! Not to mention that the trays fit my teeth even better than the dentist quality trays I used to have! Having a beautiful white smile is no longer a luxury!
As a special bonus to my readers, Smile Brilliant is offering one lucky winner all the items listed below! Now you too can #smilefearlessly!
One winner will receive $139.95 credit
This is good towards 1 tray creation kit + 6 gel syringes of your choice (3 whitening and 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening)

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Photography by Brandon John