Photography by Shadi Garman

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the second day of spring. We are currently in the middle of a snow storm in NYC (insert eye roll here). This winter does not want to let up! Hoping it takes a turn for the better soon!

Despite this seemingly never ending winter, living in NYC is one of the best experiences of my life. I knew from a young age I wanted to live here. That said, space has always been issue. Apartments with tons of extra space is considered a luxury in NYC. It’s what you have to give up in order to live here! Add a baby into the mix and things get tricky. Apartment living with a baby can be challenging but I’ve made it my mission to try and create a kid friendly atmosphere without sacrificing on interior style. I keep all of Charlee’s toys in this gorgeous woven basket with a lid.  I purchased a really pretty play mat as well. It has been a challenge to keep our apartment from looking like a baby factory and I am sure it will get harder the bigger Charlee gets but so far I’m happy with how our apartment looks! One thing Matt and I have done thus far is to not overload the apartment with baby toys. I’ve been very strategic in purchasing toys that I think Charlee will love, but not over-buying. I’ve also gotten a few toys from friends as well! I put together a list of the best toys for babies ages 0-6 months. Charlee still uses these toys today at almost 8 months old!


Pull and Sing Puppy by V-Tech: This little puppy rolls around and has a little leash attached. It sings a bunch of songs, has buttons and the ears swing around. Charlee just loves it.

Fisher-Price brilliant basics boppin’ activity bugs: Charlee got this as a gift and LOVES it. She plays with the little bugs and pops them up and down. It’s also a great way to teach your baby what “up” and “down” means! We play that game a lot with this toy.

Nogginstick: This has been our go-to since Charlee was super little. It was her first toy and she STILL loves it! It’s been through the ringer though and only glows red now (used to glow green and blue) but she doesn’t care!. It’s a great toy.

Baby Maraca: I bought this toy randomly at Buy Buy Baby when Charlee and I were shopping there. I had forgotten to bring a toy for her so I picked this up out of a random bin and she LOVED it. It kept her entertained the whole shopping trip. She loves anything that makes lots of sounds she can control.

V-Tech Moosical Cow : This is another V-Tech toy that Charle loves. It has a lot of songs and buttons and lights.

Baby Banana Toothbrush: My friend Katie gave us this little tooth brush and it has been a lifesaver. It’s a teething toothbrush that feels really good on Charlee’s gums. It also has two little banana peel loops on the side which make it easy to attach to a paci holder. I like to keep it attached to her so she doesn’t drop it on the floor when we are out and about.

Nuby Teether Keys:  These are great! You can pop them into the fridge and it helps to soothe babies gums. Charlee isn’t teething quite yet but she loves chewing on these.

Sophie the Giraffe:  I think every Mom would agree with me that Sophie the giraffe is the best. There are so many parts to chew and Charlee loves it. I always bring Sophie with us wherever we go. It’s a must-have!

I hope you guys found this list of toys useful. I do my best to rotate the toys so Charlee isn’t overwhelmed with constant distractions. These have been our go-to’s and they continue to be even at 7 (almost 8 months old). I will be sure to post a follow up toys post down the road!