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Hey Lovelies! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend :). If you haven’t already noticed, my wardrobe is filled with variations of items in the black, white and grey family. I find that my wardrobe is easier to mix and match with having the most items in this color family. What can I say? I am a basics kind of gal ;). That said, having only basic colors can get a bit boring which is why I gravitated towards this awesome Waverly Grey coat. Yes, it’s black and white, but how awesome is this plaid pattern? It is also on sale right now which is even better news! I paired the coat with an oversized sweatshirt, button-down and my favorite Asos leggings for a casual and comfy look for running errands. As for the accessories, my new obsession is a chic backpack. It is the most convenient yet fashionable option when running around town. My backpack is actually from C. Wonder, which is sadly out of business, but I linked out almost an identical option below! I topped off the look with a grey beanie and a 90’s inspired choker!

I hope you enjoyed this look and all have a great week!