Photography by Shadi Garman

Jumpsuit: Asos Heels: I.N.C Brand

HA! Sorry I had to throw that last photo in there haha!

Spring is FINALLY upon us and it’s so close to wedding season! I love love love weddings and really love any excuse to get super dressed up, so a black tie wedding is my absolute favorite. I found this jumpsuit on Asos and immediately knew I’d be wearing it to a wedding of some kind. We have one in June and I am excited to wear this! The jumpsuit is one of my favorite trends that has come about the last few years. From rompers to full jumpsuits, I am obsessed. I also wanted to talk about these amazing sparkly t-strap heels! I get millions of compliments when I wear these and people think they are Louboutins or designer. They are amazing and only $80! They also come in wide sizing which is great for me since I have wide feet!

In other news, Matt, Charlee and I leave for NC on Saturday. We are spending the weekend with my family to celebrate my Mom and Dad’s birthdays. Then Sunday morning Matt and I are heading to the Bahamas!!! We are going away on an adult only vacation and leaving Charlee with my Mom. I am SUPER nervous but very excited. I know my Mom is a pro and is so amazing at taking care of Charlee…I just know I am going to miss her like CRAZY!

Anyways, I am super excited to get some sun and private time with my hubby. It’s going to be amazing. I also can’t wait to share all the amazing summer looks I plan on wearing! Stay tuned!