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Photography by Claire Peterson

Dress: Pea in the Pod Maternity Shoes: Old but similar here and here Necklace: Shoptiques

Hi Everyone! Hard to believe it, but today I am 19 weeks pregnant! I will be halfway into my pregnancy a week from now. It has started to go so fast and I truly can’t believe we are already this close to meeting baby girl Q. This week I have started to feel little flutters and it’s just the coolest thing. When I am sitting down and still is when I can feel her even more. Apparently over the next few weeks she will continue to get stronger and stronger and her little kicks and movements will be even more prevalent. I can’t wait!

Last weekend I was in NC and went maternity shopping with my Mom and Sister at Destination Maternity. The nearest Destination Maternity to NYC is in Paramus New Jersey and man do I wish we had one closer. We literally didn’t have to go anywhere else. They have everything you would possibly need or want. They have high end to low end price points and needless to say we did some major damage lol! I got this dress on our shopping trip and it is one of my favorite pieces that we purchased. I love the color and the fit is really flattering. As you can all tell, I have been embracing the body-con and the bump so I was drawn to this option right away. It is also on sale right now for $70. Their site is running a sale for buy one get one 50% off. I am excited to take it into spring with nude sandal heels and a light weight trench.

Next Friday I will be doing a halfway mark pregnancy bumpdate so make sure to stop back by the blog if you want to hear more about my journey so far. I’d love to answer any questions you may have so feel free to email me at Jess@letsjessup.com or comment on this post if you’re curious about anything!