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Photography by Brandon John

When I can’t decide what to wear, I usually go for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I am personally a huge fan of gap t-shirts as I refuse to spend more than $12.99 on a t-shirt and I usually replace my tees twice a year, so Gap makes this an affordable habit of mine. Also, Gap makes tall sizing which is a plus for my torso which is the longest torso in the world and basically the same length as my legs…just kidding…but not really… SO ANYWAYS….I decided to take that classic look one step further by wearing this awesome jean skirt from AG and adding a pair of heels, a blazer and a belt! This skirt is kind of pricey, but I got it last summer and I have worn it 23489574985 times so I recommend investing. The fit and quality make it an awesome investment. This look is perfect for brunch or even a casual date :)! I hope you like it!

Top: Gap/Skirt: AG Jeans /Heels: Chinese Landry /Blazer: H & M/Bag: Henri Bendel Belt: Express