Photography by Brandon John

Blouse: Maternal America Jeans: A.G. Jeans Blazer: Zara (Old) Similar: Here Heels: Christian Louboutin Purse: Henri Bendel Earrings: H&M

Hi Guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We registered at Buy Buy Baby this past weekend and holy moly!!! There is so much stuff you need to have a baby! It was a little overwhelming and we only got through one floor. I have to go back and register for the items on the other floor so I am currently mentally preparing myself ha!

Anyways, now that I am 5 months pregnant, I am officially out of my regular jeans and only able to wear maternity jeans. Let’s be real though, I was in those babies way before now. No pun intended ;). I popped a lot earlier than some women but hey, everyone is different. Because I popped so early, the first thing I went to purchase were jeans. I luckily am able to wear jeans to work and I find that jeans can be dressed up or down so I figured I’d buy a few inexpensive pairs just to hold me over for the next nine months. I had no intention of investing at all in maternity jeans since I knew I would be wearing them for a limited time. That was before I really understood how much a difference good quality maternity jeans make!

I started out by buying a few pairs from Old Navy and H&M.  Now, to be fair, in regards to the Old Navy jeans, I only purchased one pair of them but they really did not work for me. They literally refused to stay put and I wore them on a trip and I was pulling my pants up the entire time walking through the airport. I was so frustrated by the end of my trip that I threw them away ha! I don’t recommend going with their jeans unless you can wear a belt but I thought that looked ridiculous lol. The H&M jeans were better in the fit and definitely stayed on but the button of the pants went so low that I could only wear tunics! It was so strange. The button literally went all the way down to my pelvis lol so I couldn’t really wear them. I also felt that they didn’t stay up very well. Better than the Old Navy version but not great. After these two denim disasters I was getting frustrated, so I looked to my beloved ASOS for new options. I purchased these grey jeans and these boyfriend jeans. I purchased a few others in between but these are the only two I ended up keeping. The grey jeans were cute and they have a tightening button on the inside to help with staying up. The boyfriend jeans are also great and I recommend them. They are incredibly comfy and I don’t have an issue with them staying up. That said, neither are amazing in the fit and feel but the price is right so I would recommend them.

It wasn’t until I went shopping with my Mom and sister at Destination Maternity that my world was rocked. My Mom had me try on a pair of AG jeans and I have never looked back! They literally are the most comfortable maternity jeans on planet earth. They fit perfectly and I don’t have to pull them up or down. They just fit. I know they are insanely expensive but I really can’t say enough about them. They also have a great fabric belly band that will continue to grow with you as your belly gets bigger. I purchased this pair, but if you are a little shorter than me you would probably prefer this pair as the inseam is cropped. Now if I had just started with this pair in the beginning I would have spent less money in the long run! I would have bought two pairs of these and called it a day!

Ok, enough about maternity jeans 🙂 and on to this fabulous blouse! I had been looking for a long tunic maternity blouse and I think I found the perfect one! This Maternal America one is really comfortable and it accommodates the bump very well. I can tell it will grow with me. I actually received this blouse through a service called LE TOTE. My friend Amber recommended it to me. More about that service later though, I will be doing a full review in the coming weeks of the service!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you have any other items you’d like me to review let me know!