My go-to low carb snacks and treats

I have been super open about my postpartum weight loss journey and how the F-Factor diet helped me lose the baby weight. Since I lost the weight, I have found myself still living the f-factor lifestyle but sort of taking the tools I learned from it and creating a plan that works for me. I am no longer actively trying to lose a ton of weight. I am not against losing weight, but it is not at the forefront of my mind and I feel really good in my body right now. That said, I have learned SO MUCH about food this past year. I no longer just eat the f-factor way. I like to describe the way I eat as, low-carb, with a combination of lean proteins and high fiber but the focus being low carb. By eating low carb most of the time, I find it so easy to indulge once in a while with absolutely NO guilt or change in my body. For example, yesterday I had Shake Shack with Charlee for dinner. I ordered the shack burger no bun, and a side of french fries. I had eaten a super low carb breakfast and lunch so I was in fat burning mode all day. I ate the side of fries and enjoyed every single bite because for the other 90% of my day, I focused on choosing low carb, high fiber options! With low-carb becoming a very common way of eating, there are so many amazing new products I have found that help me stay on track. I thought I would put together a list of my go-to low-carb products in case you live that low-carb lifestyle too!

Brooklyn Bites: I must say that Brooklyn Bites is my FAVORITE brand that I have found for treats. They make this incredible cookie brittle in all kinds of flavors. My go-to is the chocolate with sea salt and Matt’s favorite is the cinnamon. All of their brittle is Kosher, non-gmo, contains no soy, no white flour, no gluten, no white sugar, no preservatives and they are dairy free. Not sure what the heck they put in it haha but it is AMAZING. I found their cookies at a random bodega in Brooklyn and contacted them immediately. They sent me the whole line of flavors and I just think their product is fantastic and can’t speak more highly of it! 3 pieces of cookie brittle have only 100 calories and 9 net carbs.

Paleo Bakehouse: I discovered this company on Instagram and I was immediately intrigued. They market themselves as low-carb, keto and paleo friendly sweets. I decided to try a few of the products and give a review for you guys. I purchased the April box and have tried every item in the box. I must say the treats are AMAZING! They are all low carb and natural and totally fill my sweet-tooth craving. I love the blueberry cake the best but you really can’t go wrong. I highly recommend!

Catalina Crunch: If you follow me on Instagram you know that I love this product! I love it so much that I accidentally ordered 8 bags of it this week ha! It’s ok though since I’ll have enough to last me for two months! I can honestly say that this is the BEST low carb cereal I have ever tasted. It tastes almost exactly like cinnamon toast crunch and is such a wonderful replacement for high sugar and carby cereals.

Wanu Water: I actually partnered with Wanu Water a few months ago and I still love this water! You can read all about why in this blog post.

Smart Sweets: I guess I was living under a rock because I only just discovered these. These amazing gummy bears have 28 grams of fiber and 33 grams of carbs and 90 calories per bag (only 5 grams net carb). Which is insane because they legit taste just like gummy bears! They also have a Swedish fish treat but I am not a huge fan of Swedish fish in general. That said, if you are you should totally get them!

Whisps: These are more savory and a great snack and low carb of course. I like to pop a few in a salad for added crunch, or use them to use as a scoop into a healthy dip.

Califlour foods no carb crackers: I am obsessed with these crackers. Everyone that comes to our house for drinks and appetizers always asks what they are and are excited when I tell them that they are zero carb crackers!

Choc Zero Chocolate bark: I use the Choc zero chocolate syrup on my F-factor pancakes and until a friend of mine mentioned that the bark was on Amazon I had no idea they made this! I LOVE this chocolate and can tell zero difference between this high fiber, low carb chocolate and your typical dark chocolate. LOVE!

Low sugar frosting: Ok this one is so weird but I have to share haha. I have this weird obsession with frosting, and I have had this obsession forever. I was getting into a weird habit of eating a small scoop of vanilla frosting every night which is super bad for you as it’s high in sugar, fat and carbs! I found this no sugar frosting and it tastes JUST as good. Now to be clear, this is sweetened with splenda so it’s not really good for you, but if you are looking for a frosting substitute that has less carb and no sugar, this is the one for you!

Raw Rev Bars: I have talked about these before, but they really are so good and a great source of fiber. I love the sea salt and peanut butter, and to be honest, so does Charlee! It’s a great breakfast on the go or afternoon snack.

I hope you guys found this list helpful. I figure I’ll keep updating this post as I find more yummy low carb options. What do you think? Anything I missed?!