My go-to mom uniform

Photography by Brandon John

Cropped sweatshirt: Joe’s Jeans Jeans: A.G. Jeans Belt: Gucci Sneakers: Golden Goose Sunglasses: From a Street fair in NYC

Hi Guys! Happy Thursday! Charlee is currently napping right now and I have a minute to write a blog post so I am taking full advantage. I must say that recently, writing posts has taken a backseat to life. I have been feeling like the older Charlee gets, the more she needs me which is weird! I never thought she could need me more than she did when she was an infant, but she does! She not only needs me physically, but she also requires a lot from me emotionally and mentally. Being a Mom is HARD and I have found that I don’t have much time to blog. It’s nice to be back and writing! I missed it 🙂

As a Mom I am CONSTANTLY running around. When I am with Charlee I try and dress comfortably but also in durable clothing as she is constantly getting dirty and then immediately touching me ha! I am always covered in stains! Any other Mommas?! I recently ordered a bunch of cropped sweatshirts to pair with high waisted jeans and jean shorts for the spring and summer. I love pairing them with a cute pair of sneakers for a casual but still cute outfit! I added some of my favorite cropped sweatshirts below:

Speaking of Motherhood, I wanted to mention that I was introduced to an amazing parenting book called 1,2,3 MAGIC by my friend Katie of the Instagram Fashion and Ford. She came over to our apartment with Ford a few weekends ago and I was shocked at how well Ford listened and would sit still for timeout if he was naughty (which was rare!). I was desperate at this point as Charlee was starting to show signs of defiance and I didn’t know how to deal! Katie told me about this book and method and it has been a game changer. I really can’t recommend it enough! Thank you Katie!!

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. We are heading to NJ to spend time with family and Charlee’s cousins. Can’t wait!