Photography by Brandon John

Dress: Asos On SALE!!! Shoes: Zara Similar: Shein & Selfridges

Warm weather in NYC means it’s time to pull out some new spring dresses! We had some incredible weather this week and I was super excited to shoot this fun off the shoulder frock and not freeze my tush off! I found this Asos dress on sale and knew I would get a ton of wear out of it this spring. I loved the off the shoulder detail and the fact that it sort of hangs off the belly making the illusion that I am a bit smaller than I actually am ha! I paired it with a fun pair of Zara loafers. Loafers are having a moment right now and I have been lusting after these Gucci ones. I feel like they are SUPER classic and id get a ton of wear out of them but alas, I need to start saving for baby :). Oh how priorities change!

I also thought it would be sort of fun to share some insight into my pregnancy since I have been getting a lot of questions. So, here are some answers to those below!

How far along are you?

I am 4 and a half months pregnant! Two weeks from half way!! Time is flying :/!

What are your cravings?

The first three months I had this weird craving for anything artificial strawberry flavored. I craved strawberry cereal, strawberry cream cheese and strawberry Nutrigrain bars ha! I also could only eat very bland and boring food because I was so nauseous all the time. I actually lost 7 lbs the first few months of my pregnancy because I was so nauseous. I started feeling better around 3 months and now I am able to eat healthier options and salads and food with actual flavor. I don’t crave anything in particular anymore but if I want something, I HAVE to have it. It’s like an animal instinct. I totally get the pregnancy cravings now…they are no joke!

Boy or Girl?

I will announce soon I promise!

What size is the baby?

One of my apps says it’s the size of a sweet potato. The other says the size of a pomegranate. Doctor says 6 ounces.

How are you sleeping?

Amazing. I literally could sleep all day every day. I also purchased this thing called a snoogle and it has changed my life! I think everyone should own the snoogle even if you aren’t pregnant. It has helped me so much with early back pain and offers a ton of support. Highly recommend!

Have you felt the baby kick yet?

Not yet, but I swear I feel little flutters sometimes but that could just be gas haha!

Ok, I feel like that covers it for now. Feel free to reach out with questions and i’ll answer them on the blog!