Summer in the city with the kiddos

Photography by Katie Reeves

This past weekend, my dear friend Katie and her son Ford of @FashionandFord came into the city to spend the day with Charlee and I. Matt was out of town, and so was Katie’s hubby Mark so we decided to join forces and co-parent these cuties!! I am always on the lookout for fun, new things to do with kids in NYC. I thought I’d put together a list of fun activities for summer and even some rainy day activities as well.

  1. I have to start with the mini pool idea. I actually did this last summer and it was Charlee’s favorite thing. I pulled it out this past weekend and the kiddos were thrilled! They splashed and got wet all afternoon. It was so cute. I bought this kiddie pool on Amazon for under $10! It’s awesome and super easy to inflate. I store it inflated in my guest bathroom and bring it up to the roof on sunny days. We have a great rooftop and this works out really well for us! I also bought these cute pool/beach toys that come in a bag. Charlee loves to use these and play in the water. Last summer our rooftop was closed, so I would bring the baby pool to the park. I’d just deflate it overnight and bring along a gallon of water. It’s a fun activity to do with the kids. They love water!
  2. Head to a public splash pad: There are SO many free splash pads in and around the city. We love the splash pad in Madison Square Park, but our favorite is the Brooklyn Bridge Park Splash Pad. It is one of the best we have found around NYC.
  3. Speaking of Brooklyn Bridge Park, I HIGHLY recommend taking a day trip there. Matt and I did that last summer and had the most wonderful time. There is a public pool, tons of picnic areas, playgrounds, walking etc. It’s a fabulous place to take kids!
  4. Go to the zoo! The Central Park Zoo and Bronx zoo are amazing places to head for a fun outdoor summer activity. We are actually planning on getting up early and going to the Central Park Zoo first thing on Saturday. I recommend getting in early to avoid crowds. They both open at 10 A.M.
  5. Visit Queens County Farms: I have yet to go to this farm but it comes highly recommended to me by multiple Mom friends. This farm is one of the closest farms to NYC and there is even a cute petting zoo and tractor ride.
  6. Take your kiddos to the Beach: Last summer, Matt and I explored a few beaches around NYC. We went to the Rockaways and to Rye Beach. Rye Beach is super fun and I think is a better place for babies. Not as many crowds etc. Rockaways was annoying to get to, but fun once we arrived. They have a bunch of playgrounds and food etc.
  7. If you are heading to Rye, you should go to Playland! It’s a small amusement park only 1 hour by train outside of the city! Have you seen the movie Big? That’s where he is when he makes a wish to be big with the “sultan.”
  8. Go to a Puppet Show : This puppet show is supposed to be amazing and if Charlee is up for it, we may head there after the zoo on Saturday!
  9. Rainy day Activity Centers: indoor play gyms like Appleseeds and the Chelsea Tree House are a few centers we have enjoyed on rainy days in the summer. Appleseeds requires a membership, but Chelsea Tree House is drop-in only. It’s $30 a day, but if you go after 4:00 P.M. you can get in for only $20. They have so many different activity rooms for all ages. Charlee LOVES the water center at Chelsea Treehouse.
  10. New York Transit Museum: This museum is also a great rainy day activity for kids. It has buses, trains, cars etc. that kiddos can climb in and out of!
  11. Take a boat ride!: Matt and I discovered this amazing lobster cruise this past summer! We absolutely love taking this little lobster cruise. It only lasts about 1 hour, you can drink wine and order seafood AND bring your kiddos. It’s a super fun thing to do in the summertime. Charlee loved it last summer and I have a feeling she is going to be SO excited to go on a boat this year.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list! I will keep updating it as I discover more fun activities with kids!

Here’s my toddler Summer outdoor activity must-haves list: