Water that curbs your hunger!


Photography by Brandon John

Wanu Water: C/O

No, the title of this blog post is not a typo! I have actually discovered a water that curbs my hunger!!! I feel like I am sharing some undiscovered secret but if you have tried Wanu Water then you’re in the know!! As many of you know, I am a devoted F-factor follower, where fiber is the secret to my weight loss after baby. Wanu Water bottles contain 6 GRAMS OF FIBER in every bottle and only 2g net carbs, which is the secret behind curbing your hunger. Their water is nutrient infused and flavored and they are the first to market with 10 essential nutrients in every bottle. They contain no sugar (are lightly sweetened with a monkfruit-stevia blend) and are officially #FFactorApproved by Tanya (the founder of F-factor.)

When the team at Wanu Water reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their product, I was super skeptical. I mean, a water that curbs hunger sounds like a joke! What I can honestly say though, is that this water really does what it says! I drink Wanu all throughout my day and at different times. My favorite time to drink Wanu is before my morning workouts. I used to wake up super hungry in the morning but I don’t like to eat before a workout, so this made the hour between Charlee waking up and day care drop off tough. Wanu helps keep me from feeling super hungry at this time and also gets me hydrated for my workout! I also love to drink wanu in the afternoon in between meals. This keeps me on track and keeps me from snacking on foods that aren’t good for me. You can use wanu in your shakes too! The options are endless!

As a special offer to my blog readers, we wanted to share a discount code to order your very own package of  wanu from wanuwater.com . Us the code: JESS24 to save 24% off your order at wanuwater.com. Valid today through Friday 3/1! Make sure to stock up!


*This post was published in partnership with Wanu Water. All thoughts and opinions are my own*