Photography by Shadi Garman

Dress: Octavia Maternity

Hi Guys!! Baby Charlee has been with us now for 12 days already!! Since giving birth, I wanted to update this post to share the items that I used and items that were sort of useless at the hospital!

What I packed for myself:

-Louis Vuitton duffel bag

-Nursing PJ set (I didn’t wear this at all. I kept the same nightgown and robe on for the two nights we stayed in the hospital.)

-Motherhood Maternity Nursing nightgown (I LOVED this nightgown. I still wear it at night now that we are home. It’s super soft and comfy)

-I Love Sia nursing bras (no need for these at the hospital but great nursing bra)

-I Love Sia nursing tank tops  (no need for these at the hospital but great nursing tank)

-Maternity Underwear (hospital provided special underwear. These are great undies now that I am not pregnant anymore but the hospital provided me with what I needed. I have been wearing this underwear every day since I had the baby. It helps with keeping my belly wrapped tight to me and I think has assisted in the fact that my belly has gone down so much.)

-Slippers (didn’t use them. I actually wore waterproof birkenstocks to the hospital that I used to walk to and from the bathroom.)

Fluffy socks (I was super cold after birth as my body was in shock. These cozy socks really helped.)

-Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, lotion, deodorant,  a small pack of these makeup remover wipes, hair ties, brush, chapstick and earplugs. All of these items I purchased at the travel section of the pharmacy. (I didn’t shower at the hospital but I used almost everything else. It was great to have all these things to freshen up every day before guests visited.)

Fridababy Fridet Momwasher(I used the one the hospital gave me. I still use it at home. The Fridet is great, I use it in the shower. I like having two different Momwashers so I don’t have to move them from one place to another).

-Blanqi post partum leggings (I love these leggings but I was not in a place to put on pants in the hospital. All I wanted to wear was a maxi dress. Last minute I packed this nursing friendly dress and I am so glad I did as I wore it home. I didn’t use this H&M cardigan, or this maternity tank top but I wear them at home all the time.)

-Pink Blush Delivery/Nursing floral maternity nursing robe on sale now for $26! They have tons of beautiful colors and patterns on their site. (I loved this robe. It was the perfect fabric and I was never cold or too warm. I wore it on top of my maternity nightgown that I linked above.)

DermoplastTucks cooling pads  and New Mama Bottom Spray for after birth relief. I’ve heard Moms swear by each of these so I packed them all! (The hospital provided me with all of this but I have been using all of these items post birth. I have to shout out the New Mama Bottom Spray. It is AWESOME!) 

-Extra long i-phone charger  and plug (This was amazing and totally necessary. I am so glad I ordered the extra long cord because the plugs were far from the bed and I was obviously not very mobile after birth so I was able to have my phone charged and near me the whole time.)

-Upspring coconut oil based nipple balm. I also use Sky Organics coconut oil at home which is awesome. I use it all over as a moisturizer, but beware you will smell like a coconut :). (This was great to have. The first few days of breastfeeding is really tough on your nipples so I was super happy I had this.)

-Snacks! I packed a ton of bars. I really love these fig bars. Have you guys tried them? They are really healthy and delish. (I was happy I packed these because the hospital food was yucky. Matt and I ordered seamless to the hospital and I would have these bars in between meals if I got hungry.)

-My Breast Friend nursing pillow ( This was a LIFE SAVER! Breastfeeding is really challenging, especially the first few days and I had Charlee in my arms constantly. Having this pillow really helped me!)

What I packed for Baby Girl:

-I packed her things separately in our Skip Hop Diaper Bag. (Glad I packed her diaper bag for the ride home although it was a short ride and I didn’t really need it.)

Baby book, my best friend Mackenzie gifted us this gorgeous baby book. I am bringing it to the hospital so I can get baby girl’s footprint stamped on a page in the book. (I was thrilled I brought this!  I was able to get the nurse to put her footprint into the book when they took the imprint. A special memory!)

-Two pairs of pajamas- I bought these bodysuits and the matching footie pants and hats from H&M. I love their baby clothes. I also am bringing a floral footie from Carter’s. (I didn’t put the baby in any clothes until it was time to go home. The h and m outfits are great but too many pieces for taking her home in. We ended up putting her in a footie similar to this one from Carter’s.)

Bibs (Didn’t use, but these are awesome bibs!!!) 

socks (Didn’t use, and never really put socks on her.)

mittens These were awesome!! Charlee’s fingernails were so sharp she kept scratching herself. We put her in mittens for the whole time to protect her little face.)

-Milkmaid Goods swaddle and matching headband for pictures. (Didn’t get a chance to use this at the hospital.)

Water wipes. I heard hospitals provide wipes but that you have to wet them to use them. I am bringing these just in case, plus they are super sensitive against baby’s skin. (Bring your own wipes. For some reason the hospital has wipes you have to wet yourself to use them! So silly since the sink was far from my bed. Super happy we brought wipes.)

-Pacifiers: I brought my own since a lot of people have told me babies tend to favor pacifiers they are given right away. I brought these Phillps Avent brand. (I didn’t use these. I actually haven’t given Charlee a paci yet and we are going to try to keep it that way. Wish us luck!!)

Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers (The hospital had plenty of diapers for us)

-Aiden and Anais muslin swaddle blanket (Used this to take baby from hospital to the uber. The sun was really strong so we threw this over the car seat to protect her skin.)

-Two Burts Bees burp cloths (YES! Bring your own birp cloths. These are my favorites.)

-Mustela diaper rash cream (Didn’t use)

-Baby Organics hand sanitizer (Great to have on hand.)

I also wanted to add that at the last second I brought the snoogle haha! This was super helpful when it came to having support for my back when I slept in the uncomfortable hospital bed.

I hope this is helpful to any of you who are expecting a baby in the near future! I am really happy that I brought all these items. I was super surprised by how much I actually used. It is such a different experience for everyone but I hope my experience is helpful!


Nursery items featured in photos: Rug also available in smaller size here, Leather Rocker Recliner, Pillow, Side Table, Pink Vase, marble frames