Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by! After shopping for myself consistently throughout my pregnancy, I have a great grasp on what works and what doesn’t in regards to online shopping for the bump. A friend asked me for some insight and recommended that I write a blog post about this so here it is! I hope you guys find this helpful. I wish I had known about a lot of these tips before I bought some of the items in my maternity wardrobe.

Pregnancy can feel like it lasts forever when you’re in it, but it’s only 10 months of your life. It’s important to enjoy the process of dressing the bump but also to purchase items that you are going to really wear and maybe have use for after the little one joins you! I live in NYC and surprisingly there aren’t a lot of maternity stores around here. Although I will say that even if there were, I probably wouldn’t have been trucking around pregnant to go shop in-store. I found that I was going to do most of my shopping online and I learned a few things from doing this:

1.ASOS. My favorite place to purchase maternity clothing has to be Asos. They offer this really incredible annual deal called Asos Premier for free two day shipping and returns (similar to Amazon prime) except that it’s only $19. You can check it out here. I can’t tell you how many items I have purchased, received in two days, tried on in the comfort of my own home, and then returned via mail. It’s really the easiest and best way to shop in general, especially for maternity. It’s also great when you aren’t sure if you are in between sizes. I would just order two sizes and return the one that didn’t fit. It’s so easy! They also have really affordable apparel and since I won’t be pregnant forever (even though it feels like I have been!) I can buy more and not feel guilty about spending lots of money.

2. Le Tote. I SO WISH I had known about Le Tote earlier in my pregnancy. I didn’t find out about it until I was 6 months pregnant! Le Tote is an online rental service that offers maternity clothing (and regular clothing) as an option to rent. It’s around $70 a month and you get 4 items per “box.” The shipping is super fast and I usually get about 4 new items every 8-9 days. They have stylists that can pick items out for you but I always change what they pick and choose what I want. I really can’t say enough about this service. The customer service is awesome and the items always arrive clean and neat. It’s brilliant!

3.Nordstrom. Nordstrom is an awesome destination for maternity clothing. They offer free shipping and returns, the only thing is that it is ground (not 2 day like Asos). They carry a ton of maternity brands that I discovered from their site. Some of my favorite brands I discovered on their site are Kimi and Kai Maternity, Seraphine Maternity and Tart Maternity to name a few.

4. A few other online destinations that I shopped from are H&M and Old Navy. H&M you have to pay for shipping, but they do provide return labels which is nice. Old Navy has free shipping on orders over $50.

5. One place I do not recommend shopping from online is Destination Maternity and Motherhood Maternity. They have an amazing selection of high end to low end maternity items HOWEVER they do not offer return shipping. They won’t even offer you a printable return label. I learned this the hard way after ordering a few things and having to take it all to the post office, purchase my own return label and send back. So annoying! If you live nearby one of these locations then you can return in store, but the closest one to me is about 4o min away and an expensive cab drive away. I am not speaking ill of the company but they aren’t very forthcoming with this information on their site and I found it a little sneaky.


6. Rent the Runway

Ok, I think that’s about it for my online shopping tips when pregnant! Do you guys have any other places you would recommend shopping online when pregnant?!


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