Thanks for stopping by!! I am officially into my third trimester and 28 weeks pregnant! I am sharing a little look into where I’m at emotionally and physically below! xoxo!

How far along are you?

I’m 28 weeks today! Officially 7 months pregnant. I honestly can’t believe I am already 7 months along. It really is starting to fly by. Baby girl will be here before you know it!

Due Date:

August 4th

What are your cravings?

Not really craving anything that much. I do love fruit and citrus still and have grapefruit almost every day.  All of a sudden I have been having a lot of numbness in my upper left rib cage and my doctor told me that is because my stomach has been smushed up into that corner! I notice that if I overeat it is a lot more numb and uncomfortable so I try not to eat a lot in one sitting. That has become a challenge ha! It’s hard to portion yourself when you’re hungry!

Boy or Girl?

Baby Girl!

What size is the baby?

One of my apps says that baby girl is the size of a large eggplant and the other says she is the size of a papaya. Both say she is around 2.5 lbs. I am starting to feel the “heaviness” of carrying a baby. It really puts a huge strain on your body. My back is all kinds of messed up and decides to sort of pop in and out of place sometimes. It ain’t easy!

How much weight have you gained? 

23 lbs! I gained 8 lbs in one month! Kind of crazy right?!

How are you sleeping?

I have been sleeping well until the last week. I have been waking up STARVING in the middle of the night even after eating a full meal for dinner. I am going to start keeping a few bars in the drawer of my bed side table haha!

Have you felt the baby kick yet?

Yes! She is SO active. She is most active after I eat and at night. After I eat, it’s like she gets a little rush of energy. She also moves a lot at night when I lay down on my back. I can’t tell if she likes it or hates me being in that position. I can actually see her kicking now, not just feel her. Matt has been able to see it too which is so special.

What has been the hardest thing about your pregnancy thus far?

I think the physical part of pregnancy is the hardest for me. Your body changes every day and your organs and all your bones are moving around. It’s really crazy. It’s also hard knowing it’s only going to get harder until she gets here haha. I am trying to just stay positive and live in the moment and let myself have “moments” if you know what I mean. I think sometimes you just have to let yourself get upset and cry it out. Letting it out helps me. The other night I was so uncomfortable because I overate and my stomach was numb and pulsing and hurting me, my back was in so much pain and I just burst into sobs haha. Matt was there to make me feel better and rub my back and once I cried it out, I felt better. I let the feeling out, and then I moved on. I am sure it won’t be my last break down but at least I felt better after my “episode” ;).

What do you miss about before being pregnant? 

Working out, wine and having energy to go out. I swear I turn into a pumpkin after 8 P.M. haha!

Thoughts, and extras

As much as this has been the hardest thing i’ve ever done I feel so blessed and can’t wait to meet this little angel. This weekend we traveled to St. Mary’s Georgia for my family baby shower and to celebrate Mother’s Day! It was absolutely perfect to spend time with my favorite people!