Photography by Claire Petersen

Dress: Asos tall regular size version here  Shoes: Birkenstocks Sunglasses: Banana Republic similar here Earrings: H&M

HI Everyone! I hope your week has been going well so far. This week has been the HOTTEST week of all time. It felt like I was walking on the surface of the sun the last two days so I was soooo happy when the heat broke today and I could deflate a bit. I have recently had to accept that normal shoes no longer fit me. I have been struggling with pregnancy swelling and my poor feet have taken the brunt of the pain! The only shoes that currently fit me are one pair of sneakers and this white pair of Birkenstocks. As a fashion blogger and a female this is quite sad lol. Despite this, I am doing my best to get creative and put together cute looks that can pair well with my two shoe options!

I found this dress and thought it was so super cute. I also loved the price tag coming in at only $45. I know I have been sharing a ton of Asos looks lately, but their maternity options fit me the best and at this point in my pregnancy I just want to feel good. I don’t physically feel that great so I do my best to put myself together and that makes me feel better. Do any of you other preggo ladies do the same thing?

I have 7 weeks left of my pregnancy and tomorrow baby girl is the size of a pineapple! Pretty crazy right?!