Dress: Asos Maternity (only $40!!) Shoes: Thalia (currently 30% off!)

Deciding what to wear to a wedding always gives me a little anxiety, so imagine the stress level I was at trying to find something to wear to a wedding in Croatia at 8 months pregnant! Stress level 100!!! I ordered what felt like a bajillion (is that a number??) options and nothing worked. The attire was formal so I knew I wanted to wear something long and dressy but I wanted to make sure I was comfortable. I also needed to make sure I could wear flats because there was no way these swollen feet were getting squeezed into a heel! I ordered this Asos Maternity dress on a whim never expecting it to work and was floored when it did! It ended up being the absolute perfect option for the wedding and only cost me $40! Pretty awesome right?!

I hope you all have a great week!