Happy Mother’s Day to all you incredible Mamas out there! On this very special day,  I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my very own Mom, Ms. Laurie Sue.

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to do was live in New York City. I had big dreams and would always beg my Mom to take me to visit. On my 13th birthday, my wish came true and we made our way up to New York City. I remember the moment we arrived at our hotel in Times Square. I got out of the taxi cab and was completely blown away by the flashing lights and signs all around me. It took my breath away, and I looked at my Mom with a huge smile on my face and told her “I am going to live here one day.” She didn’t look at me like I was nuts, or that my wish was too big to come true. Instead, she smiled right back at me and took in the big city sights for herself.

Fast forward to Fifteen years later. Today, I live in New York City and I work in Times Square. My crazy childish dreams have actually come true.

As I look back on on my life and the choices I have made, my Mother has been the constant that has attributed to my dreams coming true. No dream I ever had was too big. She always believed in me and was my biggest fan. I have my Mother to thank for supporting me in every endeavor. I truly wouldn’t be here without you Mom.

I hope your Mother’s Day is as special as you are!


Your Jessibelle