Photography by Shadi Garman

Dress: Tobi c/o Boots: Stuart Weitzman Earrings: Nordstrom Rack Bag: Gucci

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Hi Everyone and happy hump-day. I hope this week has been off to a good start for all you lovelies! I feel like I’ve had quite the week already and I’m only halfway through. Yesterday, I took Charlee to her first swim lesson and she LOVED it. She had so much fun and it completely exhausted her and she slept 13 hours last night! It’s alway kind of a circus trying to do things with a baby, and each time I sign us up for an activity or play date etc. I get kind of anxious about pulling it off and getting to where we ned to go. I usually forget something, or am sweating profusely by the time we arrive. Yesterday, I forgot to bring a towel for her swim lesson and ended up drying Charlee off with my cardigan while I dripped dry and almost froze to death haha! That said, every time I do something for Charlee it totally works out and seeing her have fun makes it all so worth it!

Anyways, I wanted to share this adorable black sweater dress with you guys. It’s been way too cold to pull something like this off in NYC but now that the weather is hopefully taking a turn towards spring, I have been wearing it non-stop. I’ve worn it three times on date night already! Lucky for you guys, it’s currently $29!!! I sized up for the length, but it runs pretty true to size. I am wearing a large, but usually wear a medium.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I have been doing a TON of work on my blog and pinterest and styling business. It’s crazy how much work goes into the backend of blogs. Would you guys want to see a post on any of that?