Photography by Shadi Garman

Dress: Octavia Maternity

Here is a list of what I have packed for baby girl #2!

What I packed for myself:

Daphne Dover Duffel Bag. This bag has millions of compartments and pockets. Perfect for a hospital delivery bag!

-For baby sister, I bought this nursing nightgown & this one as well. I plan on bringing two nightgowns since I will be at the hospital longer as I am having a c-section. I recommend signing up for the restock alert updates. These always sell out quickly but restock! I was able to purchase mine by signing up for restock alerts.

-I purchased this gorgeous maternity robe from Amazon. It has pockets and the straps are sewed on so they don’t get all tangled while laying in your hospital bed.

-I packed Maternity Underwear as well as depends.

-I plan on wearing my waterproof Birkenstocks to the hospital

Fluffy socks (I was super cold after birth with Charlee as my body was in shock. These cozy socks really helped.)

-Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, lotion, makeup remover wipes, deodorant, hair ties, brush, chapstick and earplugs. Chapstick and earplugs are clutch! Your lips get super dehydrated at the hospital. Also, in NY you don’t have a private room automatically, so earplugs were so helpful for me when I was trying to rest. I didn’t bring makeup to the hospital. That was the last thing I was concerned about lol but if you want to look refreshed for photos bring it!

A Momwasher: (I used the one the hospital gave me with Charlee, but this one is way better so I am bringing my own to the hospital.

-Extra-long i-phone charger  This was amazing and totally necessary. I am so glad I ordered the extra-long cord because the plugs were far from the bed when I had Charlee and I was obviously not very mobile after birth so I was able to have my phone charged and near me the whole time.

-Upspring coconut oil-based nipple balm. I used this from day one with Charlee and I never had crazy pain. I may have just been lucky but this helped.

-Snacks! I packed a ton of protein bars, fruit etc. Bring lots of food. You will be starving after labor.

-My Breast Friend nursing pillow ( This was a LIFE SAVER with Charlee! Breastfeeding is really challenging, especially the first few days and I had Charlee in my arms constantly. Having this pillow really helped me!)

I packed this waist trainer. A ton of people recommended that I put this on as soon as I feel comfortable after surgery. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

-I will be bringing my own pillow in a colorful pillowcase as well as my pregnancy pillow. Hospital beds are so uncomfortable and having my own pillows helps.

Nursing bra. If you have to pump in the hospital, you want to be hands free so I will be bringing my own bra.

-Outfit to wear home! I am wearing this flowy dress home. I didn’t want to wear pants or have to bend over to change so I packed this easy dress for the ride home.

What I packed for Baby Girl:

Baby book, my best friend Mackenzie gifted us this gorgeous baby book. I am bringing it to the hospital so I can get baby sister’s footprint stamped on a page in the book.

mittens Charlee’s fingernails were so sharp she kept scratching herself. We put her in mittens for the whole time to protect her little face.

-I am bringing this little outfit as her take home outfit. I am also bringing a few newborn size carter’s zip-up onesies in case we need them.

-Baby wipes: If delivering in NYC, I recommend bringing your own wipes. For some reason, the hospital has wipes you have to wet yourself to use them! So silly since the sink was far from my bed. Super happy we brought wipes.)


Pampers Swaddlers Newborn diapers (The hospital had plenty of diapers for us with Charlee but I brought some in case we needed to do a change on our way home.)

-Aiden and Anais muslin swaddle blanket (I packed one and used it to take baby from hospital to the uber. The sun was really strong so we threw this over the car seat to protect her skin.)

-Two Burts Bees burp cloths (YES! Bring your own burp cloths. These are my favorites.)

-Swaddle for baby. I didn’t have this with Charlee and I wish I did. I am not a great Swaddler and having this swaddle will be really helpful. It also opens up on the bottom so you don’t have to unswaddle baby to change them.

I hope this is helpful to any of you who are expecting a baby in the near future! I