Photography by Shadi Garman

Dress: Kimi and Kai c/o Bag: Chanel Sandals: Asos

Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday! I was planning on posting this look yesterday but I unfortunately pulled my neck out and went home early from work to rest. I am feeling a little better today but really hoping my neck heals before I go into labor. The LAST thing I want to worry about is neck pain. Anyways, I have three more days in the office and then I am planning on working from home next week until the big due date. It’s so surreal to think I only have 10 days left before she is technically supposed to join us. Who knows if she will come early or late though! The not knowing is driving me nuts! This past weekend, Matt and I went out for date night and I wore this beautiful black and white long dress by Kimi and Kai. I know I have featured a ton of this line on the blog, but I have to be honest and say that I am obsessed! Their dresses are super flattering and I can’t say enough about the fabric they use. I feel like I’m wearing pajamas which at this point in my pregnancy is necessary ha!

I am planning on taking it super easy this week. Hoping baby stays baking until this stupid neck pain goes away!