The Power Suit


Photography by: Shadi Garman

Outfit Details: hat: Overstock Pants: Club Monaco Shirt: Express Blazer: Zara Heels: Gucci Purse: Henri Bendel

I am such a suit girl I can’t even stand it. I LOVE a power suit and I always have. I remember when I went on my first real interview, I put on a suit from White House Black Market that my Mom had bought me as a gift for my college graduation. I felt like a BOSS in that suit. Well, funny story, I walked into the interview and everyone in the room was wearing shorts and t-shirts (it was a start-up hence the casual dress code) but Hey! I felt confident and my suit-wearing showed I was serious about the position and guess what?! I got the job!

Ok, all anecdotes aside, this suit is a funky and fun update on your typical power suit. I actually purchased these pieces separately and paired them together! This would be an amazing interview outfit or a fabulous outfit for a night out. Super versatile. These pants are also incredibly flattering! The high waist elongates my middle and focuses on the waist.  The crop pant also give an illusion that my legs are even longer and will do the same for every height and body type. I  have worn these pants 100 different ways already. I added this straw fedora for fun, but you may want to leave that behind if you’re headed to an interview ;)!

I added some major Power Suit Inspiration below. Maybe we can say “Suit-spiration!” ENJOY!



Rachel Zoe, the queen of the power suit!

*All photos courtesy of Pinterest